Page’s Available Names Bonus 100 .Coms For Reg Fee

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Page’s Available Hand Registration Domain Investor Lists

This week I have listed 5 and 6 letter names, and coin/crypto and vanity names. 

These are recently dropped names. Every other domain investor and bot passed.

I consider this like showing up at the swap meet late in the day. All the obvious bargains are gone, but you have some time to evaluate what you want, and you know if you like it, its buy and go. Your not wondering if you will get the back-order, or having to do a 3 day auction.

Also, I sometimes I find groups of names let go, and can pickup multiple opportunities to hold…  hoping lightning strikes.  I
 wouldn’t build a business this model on these type of names, but Good Luck.

Here is what I found dropped over the last 7 days. (I’ll wait 24 hours to buy) I’ve sorted by category or trend after the Misc Category at the top.

Misc Domain Names


I’ve Got Your Number

Short Domains – 5 Letters

Short Domains – 6 Letters

Crypto – Coin – Blockchain Domain Names

Vanity (Taken in X) 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

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