Five ‘s under $10k now – Will they close above $10k?

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I received an email last week about 10 domain names for auction at Supposed to end on December 10th.

Maybe I’ve got the time zone wrong, but only 5 are now still active.  All non “Chip” names under $10k. The sole chip is at $11,385.  I’m not familiar with the terms at so do your own research on escrow, buyers premium and bidding and other info.

Is the market for now under $10k?  This may show the effect of the “CHIP” premium winding down. I think the old school and and western reasons for having a LLL will come back to produce higher sales for specific names, rather than all LLL’s considered the same.

This could be a time where we have a de-commoditization of LLL’s. We can just lump them all in one basket.  The letters matter and the names matters…again.

So where is the “commodity theme” now? Where can you buy/sell liquid names. I’ll cover that tomorrow.


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