Not Just Traitors, .CA compares .Com Users To Sex Offenders


ccTLD Updates. .CA goes negative and .CO In Dispute

The .CA Authority has “gone negative” in their promotion to encourage registration of .CA names for Canadian residents and businesses.  While the first set of ads encouraged patriotism and logic (Showing stats Canadians prefer .ca); now its full-on guilt and shaming.  Using a term from Political campaigning where a candidate attacks their rivals, this is called “going negative”.

.CA Calls .com registrants Traitors

Copyright CIRA

.CA’s recent advertising called .com registrants traitors and suggested they are similar to registered offenders.  They were running commercials in Canada with police chasing .com registrants. Hey don’t hold back, tell me what you really feel. Just doesn’t seem to be a good look. I may feel intimidated by a government authority, and rebel or run away… possibly to .com.

So your a traitor if you use .com. It is elevated rhetoric and I’m sure they tested this because when you call your potential customer a traitor, you may get them to act – or just be defensive.  But it does garner some attention, like my post.

Canadian Domain Owners Called Offenders if they use .com

Canadian Domain Owners Called Offenders if they use .com. Copyright CIRA.

I might say I think the second one on their front page may go a little far.  One of the few times you have to register with a government is if your a felon, or a sex offender. Calling out .com registrants as “registered offenders” for simply buying the worlds most popular TLD hits a little too close for home for me. But then the closest I have ever been to Canada was my McKensize Brothers T-shirt.

You have to know your market. Normally its the disruptor that gets innovative, not the “official” country TLD.  Only time will tell.

.CO Re-Negotiation Progressing

The .CO registry business is challenging Columbia’s seeming move to open up to bidding the new registry license.  .CO filled the gap nicely before the New gTLDS as a .com alternative and grew into a multi-million dollar business. Recently .CO has gained appeal on its own a tech and startup domain space.  Neustar runs not only the registry as an operator, but the business also.

It may all be tactics, but a risk I think exists to registrants that many of the “best for registries, bad for registrants” new terms in contracts will seep into the cctlds also. Unlimited price increases and no caps on pricing.

Lastly, not being local, I don’t have a feel for the versus .uk market.  For me, I gravitate to shorter.  So it seems like a new startup should go .uk. But with the public using both I guess you need to buy both.  And at the same time, the confusion may just lead to what happened in the 90’s in the US, just get the .com. Anyone have some thoughts?

For more info on various cctlds and easy to read summaries of ccltds by region (see info on Latin America here), one of our advertisers Toweb keeps me up to date on news from the ccTLD space.  If the cctld you may want to own for your company, or invest in, has some restrictions and requirements, Toweb also helps with registration and management.

  1. Seriously???

    I’ve seen a few news organizations pick this up and they are twisting the campaign to the ninth degree. It is a humorous campaign made to make us laugh.

    I mean, have they watched the commercials at all? They are like a saturday night live skid.

    Just goes to show how things can easily be twisted by the media.

    I will look to see if I can post the commercial.

  2. I hear you and I really like the CIRA team.

    for me there are some hot rails it’s best not to go near….call me a traitor. But please not a sex offender…glad they didn’t go for Nazi. Trump follower or things worse…

  3. If they really feel this way, then why do they own CIRA.NET?

    Why don’t they just let that expire now that it’s known they own it?

  4. CIRA is desperate. Many cctlds are under a lot of pressure with .com becoming something of a defacto cctld in many countries. Growing at a much faster rate and the majority of cctlds in developed countries have growth around 0%.

    Regarding .uk versus everyone use, it is not just about shortness otherwise people would buy .co and .cc instead of .com. .uk has zero traction.

  5. The CIRA commercials are hilarious! You have to grow up in Canada to understand the underlying jokes, they are harmless.
    CIRA knew their previous campaigns were boring and needed to create some buzz around .CA

    You love Saturday Night Live in the US, but I bet most of you didn’t know that the creator of SNL (Lorne Michaels) is Canadian!

    Also, I love the Canadian Skip The Dishes commercials with Jon Hamm. The commercials are on every night during hockey games!

  6. This is funny….real funny !!

    Seems .CA has a marketing team unable to come with a good advt. and in hurry to utilise the funds before year end…

    attacking is common in marketing but usually they do with mention of pros on their side…not calling names or insulting others…this is low standard.

    anyways there is one mantra any publicity is good publicity in advertising/marketing.


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