No More Verisign Blog Top Ten Lists. Yacaibet gets 40,000 registrations?

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Verisign Blog Monthly Lists Haven’t Been Issued Since August

Over the past few years Verisign, on their blog, has reported some Top Ten lists of keywords or strings registered in .com and .net.  This hasn’t always been the most registered names, just names trending up compared to the past.  I haven’t seen a list since a September post for August domains.

I posted about my predictions for the Top Ten Lists for October and how some words that didn’t make sense were showing up… and some trademarks.  Some unique words started to appear like gate, quibet, yacai. Some of these strings have had 10-20 THOUSAND registrations per day.

Top Domain Registrations

Top Domain Registrations. Source DomainScope(tm)

These type of numbers are great for Verisign and Godaddy and seem to point to a affiliate program type land grab.

You can always lookup registrations on the Verisign DomainScope tool.  You can graph up to 5 words, and see sample domains being registered.  By default they will show the top words, usually home, online shop and then these special outliers.

We had thought some of the above terms might be deleted after grace period but they seem resolve to Godaddy landing pages, here is, one of 57,000 variations registered at Godaddy toward the end of last month.

Domain Name Investing

On of 45,000 Registrations with YacaiBet

But why? Are these not paying full price? Only thought I had was the domain name system itself could be considered the global cloud network architecture at a cost of $8 per node per year.  Maybe someone figured out a way to make it pencil to use domains to track and earn affiliate income. If so you can expect more follow-on buys of this nature.  But then why the landing pages at godaddy and not content, or monetization? was first registered on November 21, 2019 per the report below. “yacaibet” now has almost 40,000 registered names.

Domain Name Registrations .COM

Yacaibet Domain Name Registrations .COM

So it seems good-bye to the Top Ten lists. I’ll still produce my own list for you in January. Comment to subscribe and follow our blog for daily updates.

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