Namescon – Cheaper, but a Leap of Faith

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Ok so I’m negative on Namescon again.   Can’t wait to meet domain investors needs in other ways in 2020.  With Namescon’s new discounts announced this morning, you could be going, with a friend for less than the price of regular ticket. Of course is a shorter show, no meals and no idea who is speaking.

Buy one at 30% off, and get a free ticket is how it reads.

Panic price drop, I can’t tell? Of course this usually signals weakness in attendance, and can lead to disgruntled purchasers (ok me) who bought at the last deal price.

Add to that a $500 a night hotel and sold out rooms at show price, which leads to a spread out conference. There are no morning and night events and meals, and a “leap of faith” agenda: wont take much to have me eat the price of a ticket and maybe not go.

Other close hotels add $1500 to the trip.  Many individual domainers pay this out of pocket, but they don’t seem to be wanted at the “new” namescon.  If your driveable the new price makes this a easy YES.

As to the Agenda, some great titles but no idea who is speaking.

So should be great for those in the industry. For new entrants, I think they can only trade on the good name of 5 years ago for so long. Funny thing, I felt the same way last year, and then they pulled in some great speakers and I enjoyed the sessions.  Hope to see many of you there..but …new venue.. no Austin history and a laissez-faire owner…glad the relationships are worth it.

See ya at  Namescon.

  1. It does smell a bit like desperation – its the 2nd consecutive year that waiting gets you better pricing, which is a trend that can end a conference.

    Plus the (apparent) lack of lunch & socials isnt good news for those of us who have already incurred hundreds of $ in additional costs of changed flights, hotels and so-on due to them altering the dates 🙁

    Having seen the price of exhibiting, some form of mass money grab before it collapses isn’t unthinkable.

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