ICANN’s Icarus Moment – Only Their Actions Can Delegitimize Themselves

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Is ICANN itself a threat to the safety and security of the Internet.

OPINION. by H.Page Howe

Recently highlighted by CircleID, The NRO, one of the more independent administrative bodies governing the Internet,  took an unprecedented move to weigh in on the increasing move away from any sense of listening to the public by ICANN in its decisions.

ICANN has expertly removed itself from all accountability to the US Government, or anyone else. With a war chest of $300,000,000 and complete rule over its elections and rules; ICANN plays a constant game of jurisdictional hopscotch between those looking for fairness,  and their own by-laws, the State of California, IANA, the US Government, the Government Advisory Committee.

Now its rubber stamping the closely aligned and overlapping Internet Society’s own money grab of $1Billion + to sell .org… and that may be the moment they flew too close to the Sun. Their Icarus moment.  I hope they get the illumination and disinfecting only full disclosure can provide.

The .org unlimited price increase approval peeled back the overwhelming refusal to take into account public comment.  I think more questions will be asked about who, and how, and why ICANN has gone against its own by-laws, in its decisions and in its process.

Besides the economic attacks these billion dollar deals attract, from competing roots, ledgers or blockchain domain systems; other true non-profits are weighing in.  The ICA is doing this on behalf of all domain owners.   As legitimate inquiries expose some chinks in the ICANN armor, especially relating to the gift of .org toThe Internet Society; other entities will take a run at assuming ICANN’s tasks and power.

The best argument for me is ICANN itself is a threat to the safety and stability of the domain name system.  Its refusal to act as a public benefit corporation for the good of all internet stakeholders, (not just those with the connections or past ICANN staff and Directors on their payroll), has created the burden of the .org registry NEEDING to create off the backs of registrants $1-3 Billion of extracted fees to payback private equity’s investment and return on investment.

Greed,  and a sense of unlimited and unrestrained power, will be their downfall. Their only recourse is to start threatening what may be in their place.. but i think they have to earn back trust, cancel the .org deal and void and rebid the original contract.  And includes lowest bidder language to encourage competition.




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