No Top 10 List. We are Still in the Last Decade

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Ok, so its now 2020. If we still wrote checks we would have to worry about putting the 201x.. oops thinking it was 2019.  The news about the 2020 election has probably put 2020 in our nomenclature in the USA more than any year since 2000.

But I still have one more year to finish my decade to do list, and that means one more year to do something that will make my personal best of the decade list.  For the first decade of my domaining I’m going with selling 2 domains for over $1,000,000.  So far my second decade is selling another $3,000,000 plus and over 3000 names.

But.. The decade’s top lists I’m not doing mine until 2021.  Even though ESPN, CNN and many others have called this a start to a new decade, I still consider it the end of the second decade of this century and millennium to be starting in 2001.

It all depends if we had a year zero. Did the calendar start Jan 1 0000, or January 1 0001….. back in the start time (AD).

If we started Jan 1 0000, December 31st 0000 would be the end of the first year, and the second year 0001 would start. Then 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008, 0009. Thus December 31, 0009 would end the decade.  Carry it forward 2019 years …And this would be the start of a new decade.

But I’m going with Day 1 being January 1 0001, The first year of the calendar.  So the first year ended December 31, 0001, and thus its not until December 31, 0010 that we finish the first decade.   And thus its not until December 31, 2020 that we finish the second decade of the first century of the third millennium.

Wikipedia talks about us going from BC 1 to AD 1.

Y2K got everyone focused on the year 2000 bug on computers, but the year 2000 was the last year of the second century.

Here is some other thinking on the subject.  NPR says everyone thinks 2020 is new decade, but maybe the minority, and myself, are correct.

I’d be interested on your thoughts. I drive my wife crazy with this when I tell kids there actually a year older than they think.. or that pregnancy is really 10 months.  In other words you don’t have a zero birthday party.. and I don’t think anyone has ever been zero months pregnant.

Have I lost you. Key here is the decades not over. So my thinking is as a domain investor, industry participant or website owner you have a free year to make an impact. Stay with us here on the blog to let us help you a better website owner, domain investor and domain industry member.

You can get daily updates from our blog by commenting and choosing the option. Comment below if you think we are decade 1, or new decade.

As an addendum, for you coders Wikipedia gets a but geeky. I feel both smart and dumber after reading this.

The “basic” format for year 0 is the four-digit form 0000, which equals the historical year 1 BC. Several “expanded” formats are possible: −0000 and +0000, as well as five- and six-digit versions. Earlier years are also negative four-, five- or six-digit years, which have an absolute value one less than the equivalent BC year, hence -0001 = 2 BC. Because only ISO 646 (7-bit ASCII) characters are allowed by ISO 8601, the minus sign is represented by a hyphen-minus.  (Source Wikipedia)

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