Your Probably a Better Domainer than you think. Potency in Your Portfolio.


Your probably a better Domainer than you think. Potency in Your Portfolio.

When you search your portfolio do you find personal projects, “protective registrations” of some of your favorites in other TLD’s, and names you tell yourself you can always develop.   Lastly, do you see a name and its future “if” you could build it out, and end up buying a domain name with only one buyer… you.  But your a domain name investor, your told you can sell 1-2% of your portfolio. So you rationalize buying a project, and calling it a sell-able name.

When you lump these extra names into your portfolio, and then look at your stats, these names make you look worse than you are at pure domaining.  If your doing still 1-3%, your probably a better domainer than you think, because these type of domains are holding you back.  You probably mark most of them not for sale.  So your not even trying to sell.

I think many domain investors have this mentality with part of their portfolio. But they are hoping the fact that they (you) are a domain investor and that should bail them out.

Quasi-collector domains, personal favorites and “i’ll develop this someday” names add to the total domains you own; but aren’t really domain investor names. If your looking to your average sales, average markup and how well names sell on landing pages etc; these names shouldn’t count.

Add to this when you try to “fence off” and buy the .net and .org or 5 other extensions of a favorite, plus the plural and 4-5 more in a certain theme; and you’ve filled your portfolio with names that wont match the expected statistics of most domain investors.  But your sure you need to protect them, and we want to make darn sure no one else makes any money. But you could have done better, and optimized your spend with an investor name.

But these names are still costing you each year, and they play into your total portfolio, without the chance of selling. I would keep these on a different spreadsheet, so you  have a clear picture of how your real domainer names are doing.

So if you have 800 domain names and sell 8 a year, thats 1%. But what if 100 of your domains are for pet projects, variants, and impulse buys from years ago. Its ok to give up these names.

I recommend culling these out, or at lest marking in your database these are “projects” so you can accurately assess how you are doing at pure domain investing, not hoping and doing speculative development.

Then you can know your true stats.

  1. Christ. If you’re going to pretend to be a journalist, at least know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Pathetic.

  2. Thanks for the article.

    Personally, I keep two different spreadsheets separately for my investment and project domains. I’d suggest that to other domain investors, too.

    If you are investing in domain names, you should look at it as a business and not mix it with your personal purchases.

    Stats are one of the most important things in domain investing business.

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