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I keep a list, one of many, of the top 10,000 English dictionary words.   I am usually using it to search some new gTLDs, or those gaining in popularity.  I also use it to pair with popular suffixes like blog and forum, or brandable endings like ily, ocity and ville.

But sometimes you want to do some BIG NAME HUNTING.  Everyone likes a good deal, but you can also make the most amount of money in domaining buying the best names.  And let them reach their high ultimate potential. And Maybe you have to pay up.

When I bought, it had been passed on by many investors, or investors kept wanting a better price.  A Million dollars later I was glad I paid up.

So I went and did some searches to see how many of the top 10,000 dictionary words I could buy on marketplaces or auctions, right now, today.  I only show BIN domains below.  Some names on Sedo and other platforms can have a asking price, but if its not a Buy it Now, there is nothing to keep the seller from moving the price up.  So I limited this to buy-it-nows.

Of the top 10,000 words, one had dropped in the last 90 days, it was  It sold for $4600 in Dropcatch auction.

Here are the names for sale on major platforms from my top 10,000 word list. It is in 2 sections, top 5000, then 5001, – 10,000.  Comment on this post or join our daily update and I’ll send you the names from the 10,001-15,000 list.

Top 5k Dictionary Word Names for Sale.  Those ranked 5001-10,000 down below.

Godaddy Buy it Now 24,990 115,000 – Very recognizable. I like it for sales and marketing. 8,000  – Dating Network or Business Prospecting. 400,000 – For an end user this can be events, entertaining, fashion, style. 31,777 80,000 50,000 20,000 50,000 65,000 – Well known word. Obvious use in medical and heart issues, but might be more valuable as video game, sports or action brand or other unrelated brand.

Uniregistry 3,100,000 – Ok so could anything be worth $3 Million. The hispanic market is huge and this may be the best word possible. Multiple meanings. Instant recognition. 101,000 29,000 150,000 – Social Network or community. Just like Amazon picked its name to be as big as the longest river, here you say your the largest right up front. 200,000 220,000 – Politics and issues are everywhere. If you amortize this name over 10 years, thats  $22k a year, or $2k per month for millions of potential views and users.  Global appeal. (BIN) 85,000 17,488 3,000,000 Auction
$32,000 BIN  $2 Current 249,888 794,888

These names were ranked 5001-10,000 in popularity.

Available on Godaddy Auctions BIN (Price in thousands +000) 30  – Best case is news and information. 10 80  – This is such a hugely positive and needed word in our society. Works as a literal definition, or even perfume, fashion or style and community brand. 92 69 – Pop fun and videos and games? 35 – Social or group predictions. 5 1 – So its the lowest priced name on the list, but don’t buy too hastily. 20 – Widely recognized. Could be a play on words for something actually useful. 50 100 13  – Might make a good DIY site or contract site. 100 – Wide appeal and what we all want to be.

Uniregistry 150 5 – Mostly positive, reviews or recommendations. 100 3 – Social or chat site. 25 20 – Popular words, we all have good intentions. 100 25

EPIK   17.5k

NameJet NO Reserve (Expiring) but long way out 2.1.20 5 Mil 85k 250k 250k – Great gaming name for ESports. 75 – Its all about politics these days. 75 – Social and Charity and Religious literal meanings. Nice brandable.



  1. well im always hesitant to say for sure. but it would be fun to have unlimited funds, and grab these and let them play out.

    they certainly arent making up too many more words, and no moretlds like .com


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