2002 Vint Cerf “The Internet is for Everyone” RFC 1372

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” let us also seek to stimulate regulatory policies that take advantage of the power of competition to reduce costs. ”  Vint Cerf RFC 3271 2002

In 2002 Vert Cerf, the leading proponent of the Internet Society money grab on .org. was singing a different tune.

From RFC 3271 in 2002.
“The Internet is for everyone – but it won’t be if it isn’t affordable by all that wish to partake of its services, so we must dedicate ourselves to making the Internet as affordable as other infrastructures so critical to our well-being. While we follow Moore’s Law to reduce the cost of Internet-enabling equipment, let us also seek to stimulate regulatory policies that take advantage of the power of competition to reduce costs.”

In the early days of ICANN, RFC’s were used to generate debate and steer policy.
In this look back at Cerf’s views at the time of the original gift of .org to The Internet Society; we see the clear intentions of giving .org to a public benefit corporation for the purpose of reducing costs.

And costs have been reduced. The registry operator fees have dropped almost 50%. Yet these reduced costs have not been passed on to the public, but kept, accumulated and sold to private equity by The Internet Society.

Now in 2002, he is rationalizing the billions that go to The Internet Society, from the standpoint of a profit seeking corporation.

Dr. Cerf closes the RFC with this call-out to those that aren’t mindful of other peoples rights.

Internet is for everyone - but it won't be if we are not responsible
   in its use and mindful of the rights of others who share its wealth.
   Let us dedicate ourselves to the responsible use of this new medium
   and to the proposition that with the freedoms the Internet enables
   comes a commensurate responsibility to use these powerful enablers
   with care and consideration.  For those who choose to abuse these
   privileges, let us dedicate ourselves to developing the necessary
   tools to combat the abuse and punish the abuser.

Dr. Cerf, these are your words. Right now the blatant disregard by ICANN of registrants rights, its own by-laws, and to the internet community as a whole by its self-serving actions; make The Internet Society and ICANN the abuser.

ICANN also has within its tools to ability to cancel and rebid the .org contract. I suggest this be done at one.

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