Zelle, Godaddy Logo, Misc Domain Notes from Page Howe

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Zelle is the Paypal/Bitcoin killer.

For the past 4 years I’ve watched as improvements have been made to the ACH payment system.   Transfers from Paypal moved to 1 day in the few years, a great improvement. So one of the benefits of Paypal and Bitcoin are the fast transfer (well not so much with BTC anymore). But you knew the banks would have an answer. The answer is Zelle.  I’ve used it for personal transfers where I knew the other side of a domain transaction… now I use it with my business account.

And, like Paypal at the start, there is no fee…. right now.

If your counter party (I think US only) is with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other big banks you can ACH instantly with their phone number of email address. So this doesn’t need to be Bank of America to Bank of America, you can go across big banks.

But I couldn’t get my business account to connect… now recently they have opened up Zelle for Business. I like it.


So more of a grab bag post today.

Godaddy Logo, I’m nose blind in my browser. Like many of you I think, I carry many open tabs in my browser, (yes I still use a desktop). About 6 months ago Godaddy changed their little tab marker from the godaddy guy, to the big G. Just when I was getting used to that, they go with the amorphous .. tied sweater… is what I call it.

The light blue gets lost for me so I keep opening tabs, not knowing I have a Godaddy tab open.  OK, call me OGDomainer but Godaddy.. can we keep logo changes down to 2 a year.

More from Dn.BIZ in 2020.

We are ramping up the new content for DN.BIZ for the new year. You will see all new Videos and Post series. Also we will put New Domainer content in a marked section.

Happy 2020 everybody.

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