Page Howe’s Exclusive, In-Depth and Please Stop Laughing Guide to Namescon Prep. Wheres the Poker Game?

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Counting down the names to Namescon and here is my prep work I’m doing right now to be ready.

Hotel – Don’t tell anyone but there is some room at the Omni, and at friendlier price than the $450 a night you may see at other times.  Checkout the main site.  Tuesday and Wednesday are the tough nights. Thursday Friday possibly better. Good luck.

Hotel (Bonus) – Looks like you can do some conditional space available upgrades. Don’t hate me if I try to save a few bucks, (to buy some more domains) and grab some Club Floor Love for $60 off.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO – Print off some business cards. Order soon to get cheaper deals online with no extra charge for fast shipping. Wait til next week and it could be a bit more with rush shipping. Last minute, OfficeMax has a $12.99 for 100 cards same day if your reading this Monday the 27th.  Now we all think we should tap our cellphones together, or use the barcode on the lapel of our clothes – but cards work… even in Austin I think.. even at a global confab.

DO – Check your registration. Who are you and with what company on your badge. Better to fix it now than day of show.

DON’T – Print off lists or your 1000 domains names you own and place them on the chairs at 7 AM.  Maybe 10 sheets in your knapsack and hand to someone if they really want a peak.  That is, unless it works and your selling Top 5000 one word dictionary domains names for $500.  If so, I’ll take a peak.

DO – Get the Namescon App. Its supposed to make things easier and build community. Its hit or miss, but I’ll support it.

Do- Take a walk around the sponsors. Without them the show would cost quite a bit more.  Hear them out, you may only think you know what they do.  Or ask them to help you with the challenges your experiencing.

DON’T – Get a shirt and put the 20 best names on the front and back.  Now you may see some paid sponsorships on my sleeves – yup proposed to me in 2008.  Picture a cross between stock car, and a tennis player.  But mostly a nice logo startup shirt, or something like my .LA lapel pin I’ve found is enough.

DO – Keep track of who you want to see and what specifically you want to learn.  Most of the old Day 1 how-tos are gone so you won’t get as much from the presentations, but seek out specific people over the 3 days.

DO – Bring some tech, like a battery charger just in case. Test out your phone as a wifi hotspot in case everything is busy/full/breaks down.

DO – Check the agenda before the show. What I’m looking for is competing sessions where I like both.  Less so than in prior years, some sessions run twice so you can catch early. And find some slots for appointments.

DO – Define yourself in one or two sentences. I’m a domainer is fine. I’m a domainer looking to learn more about monetization is better.  I’m a website builder is good.  I’m a business builder who helps domain owners build out their domain names is better nice conversation starter.  I’m a broker is good.  I’m a broker who specializes in (Pick One) Outbound/Asian Markets/Getting 150-200% of market value/Finding Names for my existing clients is better.  I’m a broker who moved $2.5/25/250 million worth of names last year is right to the point…. and begs a follow-up.

DO – OK i just started this this year. I use the scheduled send email on Gmail whenever I think of someone or something I want to do at namescon. I can send an email, or text email – (if your verizon its your cell number for one day the 28th to the 31st so I get it early one morning.  So I get the scheduled email as a text.

DON’T – Sleep Late.  So for those of you out all night, this one will be tough. Who wants to talk to anyone that’s wasn’t up til 4 am like you.  But there is an active group around the show before it gets going. I’ve made some new and satisfying relationships at breakfast.  Then 4-6 can be nap and your ready to 2-step the night away.

DO – Relax a bit when the day is over.  I keep talking business even at the social events.  But I’m not going to remember too much of details. Better to grow a bond and a relationship, and promise a follow-up. And unwind.

DO – End of day… (or 3 am the next day …. you know who you are) Take 10 minutes as you unload your business cards on the nightstand to make some notes while conversations and ideas are fresh in your mind.

DO – Re-calibrate your time zones.  If your used to bidding on Godaddy auctions, and now they are 1-2 hours ahead or behind, be ready.  Most active domainers have their body clocks set to bid, do backorders, and watch auctions at certain times.  On a related note you’ve also got the choice to reset your computer and/or phone to the current time zone – or Home time zone -BUT remember your calendar could be on a different time.  If you don’t update you’ll be 1-2 hours early or late if your calendar keep your home zone.. that 9 am breakfast meeting goes into google calendar as 10 AM on the east coast.  Same with email, gmail is quirky sometimes and you may miss a message if your phone and gmail are different zones, godaddy email also doesn’t do well.

DO – Set appointments with your service providers. Quick hellos are fine in passing, but if your after improving your interaction with a company or individual, set a time.  Otherwise you may find just when your quick chat is getting good, they have an appointment – and its not you.

DO – Get over to the Hotel Tuesday.  The BEST time at Namescon is the arrival.  Won’t be the same as the quick shuttle to the Trop in Vegas, but Tuesday night is like a college reunion – seeing old friend and making new ones.  Might be harder to do once the monday agenda starts.

DO – Be early to food events if your looking to earn back the event fee with meals. Most food has gone away. So your left with some shampoo bottles and pens and notepads to rationalize your hotel fee.

DO / DONT – Hard to tell if the Keynotes will be as amazing as the last two years.  Keep checking the agenda. Its easy to say.. who wants to hear a sponsor pitch. But if they deliver on the promise of thought leaders.. sit back and take in some of the wisdom willingly shared.  Some of the best keynotes have come together late in the game.  Keep a notepad handy to write down key take always, and more importantly the thoughts that come to mind for you and your own portfolio as you listen.

DO – Attend a session or two, or 10,  and reach out and support and thank the moderators who keep the sessions and panels moving along, and relevant.

DON’T – Start your question for panel or session with I own  _______.__. Try to enhance the session with a move forward question. I know thats what I’ve tried to do.

Lastly.. be Positive. New year, new location. Now formats, some ole standbys gone. And attendance could be lower. But many will tell you some of the best relationships come form smaller conferences.

And come see me if you can, let me know how you think this blog is going.  2020 Will be more video so thanks for your patience with my typing.

And then last lastly, I’m in to bring back the Poker Game – Where are you Dan Warner? Its Texas.. got any ideas what to play.

See you in Austin.

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