Will Pettifogging be the New Covfefe? Impeachment Word of the Day


In last nights late, late, late closing of the first day of the US Impeachment Trial of President Trump, a squabble ensued between the two groups of counsels.  The presiding officer, John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – in his only real insertion into any of the days events beyond process – reminded both groups of counsels to “remember where you are”.

Decorum is to be upheld in the Senate, meaning at its core, respectful behavior towards to and in between Senators, Witnesses, Council and Staff. The guideline is Senators avoid speaking in a manner, and using language that is not conductive to civil discourse.

So one of the House Managers (Think of it as the Democrats Team), in his argument for a motion, challenged the Senate that “it” was on trial here, that the President’s team was lying, and the Senate was engaging in a cover-up.  The Presidents council accused Congressmen Nadler of accusing the Senate directly and that he owed an apology.

I know, get to Pettifogging your saying.

So at the next break, late in the evening, Chief Justice Roberts admonished both sides and informed them that in a 1904 Impeachment trial of Judge Charles Swayne, one Senator objected to Counsels use of the word Pettifogging (meaning to to use insignificant; petty: or “pettifogging” details).  His point was he would probably not hold them to that standard….. but to remember where they are.  And thus pettifogging entered the impeachment lexicon.

So who is going to argue in front of the Chief Justice, and who had probably read the transcript of the 1904 trial, and studied and researched before the start of this Impeachment trial. Obviously, after 11 hours of testimony and back and forth, no one.

So what does a Domainer do, go grab the word. I want it. But I was watching recorded – would it be available – who took it?  Even the media reported this would now be the Word of the Day.

Well surprise, surprise, it was taken in October 2019.  Was that person clairvoyant?

So a little further research this morning showed before the mention, a grand total of 4 names registered with Pettifogging. And only the .com tld.  Somehow, under the leading of why was that registered, highlow-pettifogging9.com was taken.

Now, this morning, the .org and .net are gone along with 12 other extensions, who knows how many others as i wrote this article. Pettifogging.tips…. really? Also DomainTools.com showed Pettifogging.com was for sale at Afternic for $392, Not any more.  If you think of a scenario where multiple listings can cause trouble – I’m guessing the owner got hit with buy-it-nows every place possible.

So the takeaway is when you think of one word dictionary domain names, the list of names taken goes pretty deep.

So will pettifogging be the next covfefe? Covfefe, a typo from a Trump tweet in 2017, led to a rash of registrations. The .com is still for sale for $50,000. There are 92 TLD’s registered with covfefe, and 496 domains total. And that is after one year of renewals had to be paid – or more likely everyone forgetting to take off the presumptive auto-renewal.

BTW, is that even legal to automatically put on auto-renew.

So, if your playing around as in investor with current events, even when you think a new name can be yours, it may be taken in the land where 150,000,000 .coms are registered. But maybe I’m just pettifogging.

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