NamesCon Pre-Show Day – Chilly, Optimism, Austin Shows Well and China Flu


So my takeaways from the arrival day at NamesCon are Austin looks like a worthy host, a little nod toward China Flu concerns, and optimism coming from better results in early 2020. Arrival day is a great chance to see old friends, like a college reunion.

With a central US location, I think more attendees can take a morning flight on Day 1, so the old Sunday arrival day feel isn’t here this year…. missed.

Austin is a growing, popular and internationally welcoming city.  It is a little chilly (like Vegas has been) but the popular downtown scene, many hotel options and a unique style and Food Scene show off well. Many domain investors have become unoffical hosts and plenty of eating and drinking tips abound.

For those effected with the regualr flu (which takes thousands of lives anually), or the China Flu, I hope its caught early or around you quickly. It was a topic on the back of many minds, and the front of some. I even received a “Have you been to China recently”.  The handshake greet can be passed on with some understanding this week.

So far the number one constant theme for me is better results in 2019, and positive signs in early days of 2020.  January should be one the better months for you as an investor. So this means two things, you should have a strong month, but also don’t always take it as every month will be that good, ie – don’t up your buying too much for the seasonal bump. Try keeping the cash, this years trends may not be known til May or June.

After 17 Januarys, with most being strong, I do like the better sales – but I will compare my bump with last January (about the same) as opposed to holiday shortened December to see if the trends and better results are truly indicative of the much better sales that might encourage you to buy more.

My recommendation, see it as a filling of the cupboard with cash, as opposed to buying more domains, and leave that cash alone a bit, so that will last you the year.

One last note, its a more global group.  As our industry becomes more global, the group here is less USA centric than a few years ago.. and thats a good thing.

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