Super Bowl Commercials – Big Brother Google Cares about Me?

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My personal take on the most important part of the Super Bowl, the commercials.

Today, the Google Commercial.  The voice-over is of an elderly gentlemen remembering his life and asking Google to help him.  The takeaway for me is Google isn’t a search engine anymore, its a life management app.  So I need a new search engine.

To hear the advertising spot, Big Brother is now concerned about us and helping us document our lives. I think not.  This was a wonderful, emotional, seemingly positive spin on one company learning everything about us – not so its can help us – but so it can advertise to us.

The search for an Alaskan fishing trip, means ads for Alaska fishing.  Wedding memories, means ads for wedding planning.

From the get go it was interesting how no paid ads appeared above the natural search results.  That is what I see when I search Google….or Wikipedia. So I searched the same phrase, I got snippets etc at the top.  But usually its paid ads.

Big Game Ad

Google Super Bowl Ad Results for Me

So the motivation is to know let Google know our innermost thoughts, yes, for them; its even more personalization so they can target us with products and services.

For me Big Brother was never nice, and cared about my inner self.  This Big Brother of the Internet, Google, is watching you.. and I don’t think its because they care about you.

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