Godaddy buys Uniregistry. Uniregistry Names will be on Fast Transfer


Godaddy acquires Uniregistry

Congratulations Godaddy and Frank Schilling at Uniregistry for the acquisition.

I have been customers of both for many years.  I hope they both learn from the things each has done well.

One benefit for me personally is Uniregistry names will be eligible for Fast Transfer at afternic.

From the extended press release. “We will be adding Afternic DLS Fast Transfer”

Now “when” could be 2 years, but I am hoping its quicker.

On consolidation.  My personal feeling is Godaddy has done less innovation since they started acquiring companies. They keep the registration platform and administration working, which is my #1 concern. And they certainly have grown for their own account buying up many of the largest portfolios.  However integration of the Afternic and Godaddy platforms has dragged on for years.

Lastly, when Godaddy and other Big Domain Companies have acquired independent companies, the attributes that appealed to an independent domain investor seem to recede and go away.  Hopefully that won’t be the case with many appealing Uniregistry features.

But again congratulations to both. Does that mean Godaddy owns some new TLDs now?

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