Do We Need The “cc” Anymore? ccTLD Updates and .GG Notes

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One of our sponsors Toweb keeps an eye out for the news in cctlds.  I use them for registrations in countries that have residency requirements and/or manual processes.  I’ll review some cctld topics and .GG in todays post.  Btw, I think the “cc” will soon be dropped and we may call all domains just TLD’s or Domains.

What are cctlds?  These are the 2 Letter combinations used to identify local domain names for countries globally.  They are usually owned and managed by the country, operate separate from ICANN from an authority point of view; but are inside the internet community and participate in many ICANN meetings.

So we have country code domains being marketing in their respective countries (Think, .de,.ca).   Then there are the ccctlds, commercialized cctlds (like the surging .IO; and .co, .me., .TV and .LA).   These are seen by major search engines as being global websites, not as much as solely their primary country.

As the differences blur, we may just call them domains soon.   Of course in the USA we have .us, which got skipped over for .com back in the 90’s. The 4-5 levels didn’t help.

So besides cctlds, we have the original gTLD’s (.com, .net.,.org, .edu,.gov and a couple of others. Then we have the additional test-bed new TLDs and those that squeezed in from 2003-2013 (.info, .biz and .xxx,.travel etc). Then we add the New TLDs and then we have the “next round” proposed TLDs.

So that could be pretty confusing, maybe we just call them domain names or TLDs now?

ccTLD News

So on the Toweb homepage you have a news bullets feed on the right. I learned the registry back-end for .vu was recently was picked up by Nuestar, which could mean a marketing push. Indonesia’s .ID will be marketed globally and .tl and .pa have some announcements.  If your looking for the next .io – the news of a cctld going commercialized is worth watching out for, and you’ll want  to be ready and have a relationship in place to grab names if its has special rules.

So stay tuned for an upcoming cctld going open for second level registrations.  If your a website owner looking to capture your name or brand globally, and need help in the special registration rules , reach out to Simon at Toweb

.GG Over 16k Registrations

There was a bit of talk around .gg at Namescon and Morgan Linton had mentioned in a post last year.  I tried to see how the take-up by gaming companies has effected registrations. I bought one on Morgan’s post last year,  and sold it for $500, maybe too soon.  But I’m up and looking to grab another name. I went for so far. forwards to facebook and a site search on google – type in – shows teams, products, stores and even an addiction recovery site, had covered .gg but stopped last August. The space was a bit over 14,000 names. I added the latest number I could find, reported by Domain Tools, of about 16km, so a bump of about 2000 since august.

.GG Registration Stats 2019

.GG Registration Stats 2019

There is a lot of drop activity. shows 13,900 names deleted in the last three years.  So it looks to me like a revolving door, but increasing. In the past 30 days it was about 650 dropped names, and about 10% got registered.   63 names have been picked that had been deleted in the past 30 days.  So registrations must be high or else the registry should be shrinking.  If anyone has some other data, can you post in comments.

Here are some recent drops picked up in the past 30 days.

And then if you comment on this post or signup for our newsletter and updates ill send you a list of 20 of the best available .gg names for registration.

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