.AR Opens up to Second Level Registrations – GA Pushed to March 10th


.AR General Availability

.AR is the country code for Argentina and recently they started a process to allow second level registrations. Meaning you can get GreatName.ar, instead of previously being limited to greatname.com.ar

I Spoke with Simon Penchansky, COO at Toweb, one of our sponsors, about .ar.  Simon is based in South America. We use Toweb to manage registrations in global cctlds, especially those with complex registration requirements.

Simon shared the General Availability opens March 10th 2020, midnight local time which is GMT -3. That means it is March 9th, late night, for many North American investors, and various other times around the world.   .AR has already had a sunrise period for trademark owners and a land-rush period to grab highly desired names. The process for the land-rush was a lottery system with one winner drawn at random among applicants. You had to pay $20 for each prereservation, and submit notarized and mailed documents; a barrier and hassle for many.

The registry published a list of those names with multiple applications. Listed below are a few with multiple lottery ticket submissions. You will see hacks, English words, and the usual trademarks. I hate that is still to “goto” for many investors.

Cavi.ar 15

Hotels.ar 34

Jagu.ar 18

libros.ar 15

line.ar 10

nect.ar 14

partidodelobrero 28

pizza.ar 17


seguros.ar 48

sexo.ar 15

simil.ar 10

stell.ar 16

visit.ar 23


There are many names not available for registration. 1-3 characters names won’t be available. Names with Country codes are also banned along with the ICANN banned list of Red Cross and global NGO names. Many Spanish verbs ending in “ar” and Argentina related names also wont be available. Toweb covered this  a pre-landrush post.

Toweb also previously covered the whole process last September and is available to handle cctld registrations and domain management for companies and organizations needing the extra help when processes and restrictions go beyond the norm.

The date for GA has already moved a couple of times and it may move again. Checking out Toweb.domains may keep you up to date.

You can reach out to Simon at the Toweb.domains contact page for help in being ready for the .ar general availability.

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