I Don’t Agree with Decisions about Registering and Marketplace De-Listing of Domains


Re-Marketplaces Doing Anti-Domainer Work for Them

By H. Page Howe – Opinion

By dropping corona virus or Covid-19 names from marketplaces or registrars, we are arming our detractors, the TM/IP industry and those that would retroactively try to claim our names, by hinting at confirmation that you may being doing something wrong by simply owning a generic word domain name.

Mind you you haven’t done anything to warrant fraud or suspicious behavior.   I don’t want a company to say I can’t list my name for sale, or accept inquiries, even though I haven’t built a website, and are just holding … Read the rest

Recent Domain Name Registration Trends

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Looking at some recent domain registrations and trends.

I am of two minds about the “new normal” quarantine periods and social distancing, and domain name investments.

One one hand everything most domain investors and the domain industry have encouraged – online businesses, e-commerce, own your own online presence;  is now mandatory. The new action could lead to more businesses, and setting up online initiatives should require more domain names.

But, dropping the GDP of the world 10-15% means spending will take a hit also.

So lets see whats being registered. I ran two sets of 5 names on DomainScope.

 … Read the rest

Corona Virus Tips, and a Question. Which Can We Live Without, Social Closeness or Internet?

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Which Do we Need More? Internet or Community

So as most of us go through massive disruption to our work, education, travel, spending money and socializing; we have the internet to let us work from home, order food, share on social networks, face-time, shop and buy etc. We are social distancing, but still able to work, buy, spend, search and communicate.

We can actually interact globally online now more easily than a local club or meetup.

What if were the other way around? What if Sports and other events were ok, travel not delayed or restricted, and everyone can go … Read the rest

Corona Virus Domain Name Trends and Sales

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So everyone is talking about the Covid-19 Corona Virus. And when we get a new hot topic, we can sometimes look at domain registrations to see where digital marketers, or speculators, are registering domain names.

Domain investing made the news as a CNBC report tagged the number of registrations at Godaddy at over 3000.

So here are the big three words we also featured last week:  Corona, Virus and Mask.

And some new up and coming words in domain registrations.

Going beyond those three words, cleaning and disinfecting seem to be the most important steps to take, as well … Read the rest

Verisign DomainScope Registration Trends, you’ll never guess….

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Looked in on Verisign DomainScope today. Its a great tool to see whats being registered. More at DomainScope.com

Here are some Corona Virus terms and a recent political surprise word, “Biden”, over the past 30 days.   Still great names available it seems, and a public appetite.

I thought these recent registrations showed some quality.


These were taken from the right side list of recently registered names in the words chosen for the graph.  Nice to see what registrants have taken down recently.

More about using DomainScope from our video last year.… Read the rest

CVCV Domains for Sale Online. What can you buy?

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CVCV Names for Sale – At or Under $10,000

So for a quick fix in domain investing glory there is nothing like responding to inbound inquiries.  You have a great name and people want it. They have to come to you and you get to set the terms, and price, or tell them to go away. Your in the power position.

And the best group of names to own to get this attention are short LLL and CVCV domains, or one word domains.

CVCV stands for a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel pattern domain name. Once everything was perceived to be taken and priced … Read the rest