CVCV Domains for Sale Online. What can you buy?

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CVCV Names for Sale – At or Under $10,000

So for a quick fix in domain investing glory there is nothing like responding to inbound inquiries.  You have a great name and people want it. They have to come to you and you get to set the terms, and price, or tell them to go away. Your in the power position.

And the best group of names to own to get this attention are short LLL and CVCV domains, or one word domains.

CVCV stands for a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel pattern domain name. Once everything was perceived to be taken and priced out of reach, startups started making up words, and the cream of the crop were short, easy to pronounce domain names. I believe the other thing that helped here is we have terrible ways to search for good domain names. But, most marketplaces could sort by length.  So it became easy for startups to simply search .com and 4 characters. And to be pronounceable, you need vowels.

So we searched for buy it now CVCV domain names and came up with a group from various marketplaces.

Now, this is different than buying the cheapest hand reg or expired names, or getting caught up in a bidding was for the select CVCV names in expired auctions.  In this market if your not watching every platform 24-7 to get a name for the best price, you make your money by buying a good or great name; and then extracting the highest and best value from buyers.

You may not get the absolute cheapest price, but your helping the value of your name by removing another name or names from the market for available CVCV’s. Like the housing market where each house purchased makes the remaining ones more valuable – your removing the lowest or lower prices CVCV’s and that should encourage the next seller to price higher.

So here are some the best names available at or under $10,000, with some links (which may be affiliate links). Name availability not guaranteed but shown available publicly at time of writing.

To emphasize, I’m not calling these deals or steals, this is buying what you can, and making money on the mark-up.  –  $6688
So it has the dreaded Q and Z, and no “u” after the Q.  I’m still going to call it pronounceable and it has the rhyming vowels in both CV sets.  If I received this as a text I would call it “Quozo” or the hard Q (like a K)oso” 4888
So I’ll go with quasi-pronounceable but its the lowest priced CVCV at Buy Domains.
Its does look special and logo-able. $10,088
Again, beggars cant be choosers. The “y” is not the most desirable vowel, but I’m still calling it a pronounceable CVCV. 11,088
It’s a little above the 10k limit, but has an Asian sound and could be pinyan like pronunciation.

Godaddy Buy-it-nows include 7000 6999 8888 5000


Names on Auction  Met Reserve at $1200
Namejet – Public Auction NR
I’m guessing this will be renewed (or Plucked), 73 bidders so far.


Names with Asking Prices (Although I don’t know if Flippa makes it a BIN) $499

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