Corona Virus Domain Name Trends and Sales

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So everyone is talking about the Covid-19 Corona Virus. And when we get a new hot topic, we can sometimes look at domain registrations to see where digital marketers, or speculators, are registering domain names.

Domain investing made the news as a CNBC report tagged the number of registrations at Godaddy at over 3000.

So here are the big three words we also featured last week:  Corona, Virus and Mask.

Corona Virus Domains

Corona Virus Domains Registered in March 2020. Source Verisign Domainscope

And some new up and coming words in domain registrations.

Going beyond those three words, cleaning and disinfecting seem to be the most important steps to take, as well as “quarantine”.   You can put up to 5 words in each DomainScope graph, we put in these two words below. The right side shows recent registrations.  These are some better quality registrations for businesses.

Recent Domain Names Registered for Corona Virus

Recent Domain Names Registered for Corona Virus

Now as for sales, Namebio doesn’t have any for Corona, “Virus” has had a few.

Namebio Virus Domain Sales

Namebio Virus Domain Sales. Source

I have done some brief searching around Refinancing, Videoconferencing, and Workathome.  Anyone else think any other words may become popular?

Until then we can enjoy the lower gas prices also. Good luck to all in the infected areas and those affected by the shock to the economy.

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