Corona Virus Tips, and a Question. Which Can We Live Without, Social Closeness or Internet?

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Which Do we Need More? Internet or Community

So as most of us go through massive disruption to our work, education, travel, spending money and socializing; we have the internet to let us work from home, order food, share on social networks, face-time, shop and buy etc. We are social distancing, but still able to work, buy, spend, search and communicate.

We can actually interact globally online now more easily than a local club or meetup.

What if were the other way around? What if Sports and other events were ok, travel not delayed or restricted, and everyone can go to work and school.  But the internet was down.

20 Years ago maybe it would be the former.   I’m not sure if its not now give me the internet, and I’ll see y’all in the summer.

Let me know below if you think “social or “internet” is more important.

The internet is certainly not optional anymore.

Corona Virus Work at Home Tips

Some other thoughts on the disruption caused by trying to mitigate the growth of community spread to at risk patients

1 -Get your game on.. if you haven’t used Zoom; learn IT.

2 – If you don’t have you place in your house for video conferencing presenting or sharing, set it up.

3- Tune up your laptop, and get to know your do not disturb and interruption settings on your mobile device.

4. Mobile connections are faster, learn how to not let your phone mooch off your home Wifi – keep it mobile.  Wonder how long we can stay unlimited on data.

5. Consider a another identity, modem, or back-up internet access provider.

Good Luck!




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