Recent Domain Name Registration Trends

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Looking at some recent domain registrations and trends.

I am of two minds about the “new normal” quarantine periods and social distancing, and domain name investments.

One one hand everything most domain investors and the domain industry have encouraged – online businesses, e-commerce, own your own online presence;  is now mandatory. The new action could lead to more businesses, and setting up online initiatives should require more domain names.

But, dropping the GDP of the world 10-15% means spending will take a hit also.

So lets see whats being registered. I ran two sets of 5 names on DomainScope.


“Learning”, “quarantine” and “delivery” had the biggest up-trends.  I ran 90 days to show the normal track of many of these words.  “online”. “tele” and “virtual” were string in the second group.

I expected Zoom names to be higher as it has rapidly become a part of the English language, always a challenge for a brand. I do predict it will be on some upcoming new words added to dictionaries.

Happy Domaining.

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