Eye on the Outside World, Squawk Alley. Google, Zoom, Forever Changes, and Hope; “No One Says, I Want My Life to Suck..”


For 35 years I’ve been watching and learning from Financial News on TV.  Whether FNN in the early days, or CNBC today; I’ve lived the Crashes, ups and downs and seen hundreds of interviews with the smartest business and investing minds.

A good DVR has allowed me to catch the early interviews with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and others.  But at 10 AM CST each day,  I get Squawk Alley.  The name comes from a combination of popular Squawk Box show in the mornings, and the “Silicon Alley” moniker given the NYC internet companies in the first bubble 1999-2001.… Read the rest

Redemption Fee Waivers and CV Emergency – Should We Stop Expired Names Auctions?


OPINION  by H. Page Howe

This may not be a popular post, but it feels right.

I think we should defer expired name auctions as an industry for 60 days… and stop pending deletes right away.  Just delay, they still come up in the current way 60 days from now.

Verisign has announced it will reduce the wholesale redemption fee for names in redemption period.

Other registrars have agreed to waive the Registrar markup-up or charge for the extra year plus a little. So in a normal, post grace period restoration, you had the Verisign Fee, plus a registrar markup. … Read the rest