Eye on the Outside World, Squawk Alley. Google, Zoom, Forever Changes, and Hope; “No One Says, I Want My Life to Suck..”


For 35 years I’ve been watching and learning from Financial News on TV.  Whether FNN in the early days, or CNBC today; I’ve lived the Crashes, ups and downs and seen hundreds of interviews with the smartest business and investing minds.

A good DVR has allowed me to catch the early interviews with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and others.  But at 10 AM CST each day,  I get Squawk Alley.  The name comes from a combination of popular Squawk Box show in the mornings, and the “Silicon Alley” moniker given the NYC internet companies in the first bubble 1999-2001.

A squawk box used to be the term for the open mic channel between analysts and brokers about stock to … sell  …. push  …pump.   It will feature in some of my upcoming posts.

So I usually watch it about an hour later so I can skip commercials and stock and bond updates and just get the tech news I need.

There were 2 great segments today


Robert gave some amazing clarity in a couple of areas…

  • Client Meetings have changed forever. CEO, funding and pitches don’t need a airplane trip..in fact clients may even flat out decline to see you in person – they want zoom(like). He’s using Team from Microsoft.
  • And In the quote of the year….  about Shark Tank in inginuity  – “No one wakes up and says I want my like to suck”.  There will be opportunities to invent and grow new businesses.

Secondly, an analyst who I really like over the years covers the winners and losers of the big online companies.

If you can find a snippet great, or watch the whole show uploaded tomorrow to see Mark Mahaney’s take on big internet companies. He’s is predicting the first revenue drop for google and facebook…ever.


So if anyone else has a good source of trend information, comment below.


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