DropHunters Holiday. No .com pending delete today.


I used to think this might happen around a leap day, or it could be a latent effect of the grace period extension Verisign offered, or conspiracy theorists will say they held back all the names….

As best as i can tell, no drops. Nothing on the dynadot search for today, and expireddomanis.net and the snap best of the drop is empty.

But for those of you with a hole in your day to to fill, sit back, take a sip, call a friend….or maybe godaddy auctions will get a bump today.

for me, im hitting golf balls from 12-2, so my question is what will you do without a drop today?


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  2. No, no, why the .com zone, why not the .xyz zone, how can I live now without drops? What will happen to my portfolio? They took the last thing from me.. I fell into depression. I know why this is happening! This is all the work of the Freemasons, the Antichrist is to come soon! This was the final touch for the arrival of the false mission! Take care of your domains.

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