Love it! Clubhouse Brings in New Domain Name Owners and Investors,


Like all of those in the industry, I like domain names, and really think website owners should own and operate websites away from social media and apps. Now hundreds of folks in a diverse group of new entrants are excited about domain names, and have bought thousands. And what I see in the reaction is they need to be throttled back.. why?

I know the first instinct from the domain community has been to encourage them to add balance, stop registering lower priced names etc etc. We all want others to learn from our mistakes, and not give the industry a bad name. We don’t want to burn a new crop of investors. I concur.

But its happening every day from the legacy registrar marketing, which hasn’t changed in a decade. So why pick on the energy coming from these new entrants, be it influencers or website owners – who I have found to be smart, energetic and with an exciting passion. And I congratulate .CLUB for bringing their established messaging in complimentary way to the idea of CLUB and Clubhouse.

Listen to those who have bought in, and I dare you to find any other message that has been delivered in an organized, clear and impactful way… enough to be shared and repeated. Its come from those successful in doing messaging and branding in the real world, outside domains. And its given many people focus, meaning and hope.

I’m trying to learn and adapt as I launch our 24-7-365 live video product for I have been building a Live 24-7-365 Always On Video Chat on Zoom at We started Jan 1, before I even heard a breath about CH and domains.

Ill try to send a balanced message, less dominated by one product or strategy, but I do want to capitalize on what excited people across various genders, ethnicities, and class and equity zones to own a domain name, build a website, and be empowered…. and even try to buy and flip domains.

The 24-7-365 will be a paid membership, meant for existing domain investors – but I’ll keep doing free webinars and seminars, open to everyone and anyone (especially HowTos for new investors) in support of our replay of the 2020 The Domain Show Feb 26-28, and the 2021 The Domain Show in late March.

But as to these new exciting group, I say welcome them, find out what about domain names they find attractive and cultivate those ideas throughout the space.

Every day 10-20,000 .coms that we would all call worthless are being registered, and we don’t seek and call them out. Every day registrars are pushing alternatives in the new g space, and products and services that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny: and those ideas and brands are being advertised.

I have met many in these new CH groups, and appraised hundreds of com and .club domains on Clubhouse. I don’t see near the excess of past land-rushes. So I say let this community grow, learn and look more at what drove them to own domains.

Most of use weren’t the “show me”, I only invest in sure things when we started; and we didn’t want to hear a naysayers from the establishment kill our dreams. They all deserve a chance, even a chance to fail. Lets not close doors.

Good luck to everyone on clubhouse, I’ll keep doing my drop-in audio chats and Free Appraisals and AMA on Clubhouse; follow me at @domainname. I also invite you to explore our 24-7-365 Drop-in Video Chat on Zoom, which has been in beta, and kicks up a bit Monday. Right now its a link on the top menu at (24-7-365) and Free.

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