Puppies and Domain Names

This is a Puppy

They need to be loved, and given food and water.. and they love you back.

This is another small dog..it should not be left alone, it should be taken in, it should not be let out to face the world alone.. You should sacrifice for this dog. You should spend money on this dog. You should put the needs of this animal before your own.  Let it become part of the family.

Puppies and Domain Names

Puppies, love them.


Now puppies are one thing, and bad domain names are something different.  And bad domain names are not puppies.  Yes they both cost money and are adorable at first site, and can steal your heart. And you have to care for them both.

So these are bad domain names.  Orphans, lost, purchased and now being kicked out.
They are domains shown to me on a namepros message, to buy for resale prices, would I make an offer?  Would I buy – no, and I don’t think owner should have either.


and these are .app domain names – shown to me when i did a recent wanted .app post on Namepros.

888889.app – 6 numbers .. really
iyellow.app – i+ is great but in a new tld, with a color, $20 down the drain.

Now I like .app domain names, see dn1.app but that doesn’t mean I need to like every .app domain name.

and I’m not just picking on others, here are some .coms I registered last year and am dropping.


Because last year every LLL + coin combination was taken…..

but this is this year, so i don’t need to pay for these names. They are not puppies, they don’t need to be cared for. Bad domain names can be let out into the cold. As many as  30,000,000 may be this year.  I may feel I need to keep them because someday a new owner will come along. I don’t need to care how they feel. They may be dropped and no one else may pick them up.

But no – bad domain names are not puppies.  I, and you readers, may need to drop more names to be a better domainer.  Don’t fall in love with your domains if they cant add to your net worth down the road.

so again

these are puppies, they should be kept and cared for…

Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies

but not poor domain names.


My New Favorite TLD

So I’m not opposed to investing on other tlds. Its no secret i have a lot and work with .LA for city domain names for business in and around Los Angeles. I also use .ws as the best tld for emoji domains, and I’m a long time .TV fan.

But here is the registration date on my new favorite, any guesses? It could be a new tlds, existing tld or cctld.  50 Topcoin to the first one who gets the answer.

Domain Name Blog

My New Favorite TLD.


Gamechanger – Domains Now Show $99 a Year at Godaddy … Brilliant!

Godaddy Available Domain Names now show $99 a Year. Brilliant!

Godaddy Domain Names

Godaddy Domain Names now $99.99

Brilliant !

(Note this doesn’t happen all the time, but it did twice this morning for me)

So when you search for a single domain name, Godaddy will now show its available, and only $99 a year. Includes website and email.  Brilliant. This is what people want.

They get a fully protected domain name, email and a website. Boom, done!!

I think it will take about 30 days for everyone else to jump on board.  This takes all the hard decision making out of the equation. Domain names have always been worth more than registration fee, so i don’t think we are running up against demand shrinking.

To be fair, they do show a “domain only” option; see below.. and stop laughing yes i registered that, its a brandable right.. funny thing is used to own it, dropped and now re-regged.

Khannabys Domain Name

Khannabys.com Domain Name Registration Results Page

So I don’t think in the consumers will mind…. why not get the whole package, the economy is good, and your done with billing for a whole year.  That is the key, as a buyer, your done – problem solved.  And if your an experienced domainer, or this is an extra name you click domain only.

For the Domain Industry this may end up reducing the price of domain names, because, the domain name is now a small part of a package of larger services.  The incentive will be to drive down costs for registrars – i wish i could say to lower prices – but now it will be to raise profits.   And just like they will look to email providers, and site builders to lower costs, they will look at the outsize profits at the registry and want lower costs.

For thirty years the domain name wagged the dog, its was the scarcity and starting point, now its part of the equation – and expensive for the cost of its delivery.  Most of the value in the registration is pure profit to Verisign. Its vulnerable, which is good for us wholesale buyers.

So March 13th, count it,mark it; when our biggest registrar started selling websites, not domain names.  Selling a solution, not a problem. Starting selling something exciting, not a burden and a worry.

So I’m changing to , changing to what i started in 2007, Joe Domains, domains name for the average Joe.  Ill show you more next week about how i plan to be doing the same thing with my premium domain names.

Welcome to the Dn.BIZ Blog

So why another industry blog and why am I writing again.  Well you will see more than just a blog on Dn.BIZ, i’ll be producing content in quite a few formats, but as to the blog, thanks for coming in. Why.. you ask?

Page Howe Domain Name Investing

Photo Courtesy DnJournal.com



I think we under-serve the general public on information about domain names, maybe on purpose.

Because I think we can do a better job maximizing the value of domain names for the whole industry.

Because of the generally nice feedback and appreciation I receive at shows and in messages and phone calls about my time on Domain Sherpa, and how I helped out investors and website creators and those working in the Industry.

Domain Names are now an important asset for websites and business owners. It used to be you had tools and equipment to manage, now you have online tools and assets, like domain names to manage. Do you know the rules?

I LIKE Domain names and still feel they are one of the few assets with enough uncertainty as to their value where you can make money buying, selling and trading.

Because many of the trends and things I thought would happen 15 years ago are finally happening, so I’m not so early anymore.

The economy finally got a little better and some courage for capitalism returned after the 2008 financial crisis.

Because we are finally going global enough that the original plan for each country to have their own cctld, and then global companies can upgrade to gTLDS is finally happening.   .Com isn’t just for the US anymore, which is good.

Inside the industry the noise about new GTLDS has finally subsided and we can get back to why we own domain names, and why we need to push toward owning and operating domain names.

Creators like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace , plus Web.com and Godaddy’s Creator came in and created $20 Billion in public and private equity value right under our noses giving people what they wanted, websites – and we just want to give them domains.

I enjoy the community.

And lastly to use a couple movie scenes:

from a Classic 80’s probably long forgotten hit for many of you, (except for one scene that is not on the TV version)… Its Tequila Sunrise, Mel Gibsons character is a one time drug dealer, and almost gets arrested by his best friend Kurt Russell (picture Lakers coach Pat Riley), helping his lawyer sell some cocaine.. and he is asked why and he tells him he wanted to teach him (the non streetwise Attorney) “how” to sell it… how to sell it right. meaning correctly. He just couldn’t sit by and let his attorney mess-up and go to Jail.

Now he was also hoping to trade the favor for an introduction to Michelle Pfieffer’s character.. so yeah worth the risk. Sorry no clip, but again good movie.


By the way, its on my top 10 movies done in Los Angeles list, check it out, probably without the kids.

So I see you out there and i want to help show you “how” to do some things better, and right.  I’ve sold million dollar names, and hundred dollar names. I’ve sold to retail end users, and trade quite often in the wholesale space. I’ve brokered names, and done buyer brokerage.  I’ve worked with registrars and registries. I’ve worked with cctlds, shared cctlds, new Gtlds and even alternative root systems. I’ve been inside the ICANN process. I’ve dabbled in development of a single site, and bulk development. I’m not an attorney but I’ve been schooled by some of the best we have in our industry who have graciously given out public info over the years, and told me what to stay away from, fingers crossed no UDRP yet.

Most of you are doing great, but maybe some can use some help. And when I talk about seeing some bad Domaining out there, my second movie reference comes to mind, from Caddyshack

Not no, this isn’t about poor caddying, but I see some poor domaining. Thanks Lou Loomis. So theres some poor domaining going on out there, some bad purchasing, some inefficient aftermarkets, some sales practices that turn everyone off to domain name investors, some shortcuts. In the movie Lou says caddys can be replaced by golf carts, and we too can be replaced by social media, apps, private networks, search engines etc. So I’m trying to do my part.. and oh yeah for those of you familiar with the scene, next comes my favorite line “pick up that blood”

So I think we,and me sometimes also, want to cut corners, and connive, cheat and manipulate sometimes to just get someone to buy our names, or find a trick or game.  We haven’t treated new money well in our space, we don’t mind an uninformed consumer, let them pay 20x for my name. Let them buy 5000 new tlds and think they own the next .com  ..    but inside the fluff, we have real assets, with real benefits. An asset that NameBio tells us people pay hundred of thousands of dollars for, EVERY DAY to buy, so I think by doing it right and better we all can make more money, today and in the future, and maybe gain back some of the respect we still fight for from the cyber-squatter days.

So thanks for tuning in to the Blog part of our Domain Industry Portal at Dn.BIZ.

Thank you to Joe Politzer for bringing me on to produce the content for Dn.Biz. Joe and his team have sold thousands of domain names, big and small. Small names and some huge names and portfolios; let us know if we can use our industry knowledge,  contacts and experience to help your succeed in the domain space.


Domain Name Life Cycle – Availability

Managing your domain name. First in a series.

Do you know the key dates and time periods in owning your domain name?

Here is the domain name governing body ICANN’s chart to show you some key times.

Domain Name Life Cycle

Domain Name Life Cycle

So here we go from Left to Right..

Availability.  Domain names aren’t like addresses, or phone numbers or store merchandise, where a list of them is made available for sale. Or as with the post office, numbers are approved and assigned to properties.   Any combination of 63 numbers and letters and (-)’s – for some a dash, for some a hyphen; can be registered.  One exception, the  “-” cant be at the beginning or end.

Every combination is either shown as taken, ie registered – or not taken, and thus available. The registries who run the domain name systems don’t have to carry any inventory. You create a sell-able and buy-able product when you register a domain name.  Nothing is off limits as a potential registration. No one will self govern what you can register. However, you cant take the fact that a domain name is available to mean its ok, legal or effective to buy it.

Sometimes you can run afoul of rules when you buy a domain name, but most of the time you are at legal risk by the way you USE a domain name.  However, if by the way you use a domain name, you place yourself at risk of your domain being taken form you. The mechanism to take your domain name away comes into play the moment you register a name. You’ve agreed to the terms and conditions.

So, in short, the registrars – your gateway to the registries who mind the master list, will sell you anything, and there no limits, or red lights, or “last call”. Want 10,000 – go get em, want names that don’t make sense, go get them. Misspell a name, and buy it, thats on you. Think you have a valuable name, maybe yes and maybe no, but there no gatekeeper.  Buy a trademarked name, you “can” then your also responsible for what may happen next.

So names are either available, or taken. That is all the registry will tell you.

Go to Part II – Registration.






Annoying Offshore Build a Website Phone Calls

Anyone else getting pinged hundred of times a day.  So whats the best strategy” Go private, put a fake number?

So with my cell phone, if im on a call, especially a skype call, any incoming call puts me on hold. Sure i can probably fix that, but what about these calls.

I’m getting repeated spam calls to build a website. Not a big deal if you just registered one site, but if your a domain name investor and buy 100’s per month, thats a lot of calls. Same robo dialer, one after an other.  Think you can answer it and press do not call. Nope. They just know know you may answer.. so you”’ probably get more.

Think you can recognize the numbers, NOPE now they are using wireless numbers from throughout the United States, or globally. What is its a buyer.

So Im stuck, what to do, What are you doing? As i look for a solution, chime in here in the comments if you have attacked this problem, and how.  Ill throw some topcoin to you for the best tip.


Using Registration Data to Buy Domain Name

One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.
Todays feature will be one of the tools at DomainScope from Verisign; today we will look at Keyword Tools.   The Verisign team that built DomainScope has been at Namescon the past few years (well 2017 and 2018). They rolled it out with some fanfare. This and other  tools on their site encourage .com registrations (and .net, .tv and .cc).  Do you use these tools, Do you know of these tools?
I’ve met the talented team that put these together. Verisign doesn’t do much marketing beyond discounted registrations, and here we see that the things they do to encourage registrations can be under the radar, even to many full time domainers and advisors.
So let take a look at the Keyword Tool, and ask the question are crypto and coin names dead?
DomainScope lets me look at words and the recent (7, 30, 90, days or custom date) registrations. I can see a graph of one or more words and then some sample words on the right.
Heres a sample:
In general look at length and number of words, mostly three words where we would advise customers and friends to go two words. Look at the workarounds to the best domains, either with a dash, a .net, an “e” or words in the wrong order or Brandables, meaning mispellings to gain an advantage; like the z for an c in coinzenter.com   But the registrants are happy, and these names resolve and become their websites. We think they should buy better, but we have to respect they aren’t.
So there are still hundreds of websites being built, or at least crypto and coin domain names being taken every day.
Seeing the sample registrations SCREAMS !! how little we as an industry do to help website owners get better names.  Now I am biased because I sell premium names, and most newcomers think and know that a registration is $10-30, so just settle for what available, just “get the best you can think up.”
We would think they should spend $1-10k on a better name. Is it worth it? Thats for another blog but a fundamental question we need to answer better in my opinion.
But most of us would look down on friends, partners and associates that took some of whats being registered, are we right?.. Does it matter? Of course we think so, but we have to realize the market doesn’t. They are fine registering thousands of domains each day that represent the 180,000.000th best .com.
Ok, back to DomainScope. I used crypto domains for todays searches, are they still being registered. I was able to put in crypto, coin, blockchain, token and cryptocurrency.
domain scope crypto words.PNG
So with DomainScope you can visually see how many names have been taken over the past 90 days with a certain keyword.  Now thats data i can use. Right now i just have to wonder, or presume what i think is being taken, now i know.  Thank you Verisign.
So back to crypto terms, Coin is still the leader with 100-200 a day, with the longer cryptocurrency at the bottom, and token shows the most volatility.  See the spike in Mid-January. Anyone else recognize going a little crazy putting together a list of 100 domains and taking them all down in a single day.
So are Crypto domain names dead? Are you deciding on forum posts and quick comments, or data. DomainScope shows us they are still being taken down at 100-200 or so per day.
So if you want to become a more data driven domainer, head over to the Keyword Trends section of DomainScope
I’ll bring these charts to you periodically in the DN.BIZ blog and videos. These tools can help look at comparisons between words and the demand for website names in key words and word groups.
For more on DomainScope, inlcuding their API access checkout https://domainscope.com/

10 Things to do Right Now to Sell More Domain Names

  Thats my challenge to myself and to you. Do something for 2 hours a week your not doing now. Here are 10 things you can do to increase your sales velocity.
1. Organize your names and listings. Are you on Afternic and Sedo marketplaces? Do you know the rules about expiration dates, holds, approvals. Do you know which tlds are accepted and when you need or can list on afternic, or godaddy auctions.
2. Get Your Landers right.
Are you after revenue or sales.  Do you have parking income names with sales landers, and sales name with parking landers. Find out and notate in your database which is which.  Are you buy it now or make offer, and on which names?  Are you intentional?
3. Are you using specialized marketplaces? Have you logged into sites like Flippa and BrandBucket and Undeveloped. Is your inventory current. have you fixed any deficiencies at Brand Bucket, have you submitted names that might be approved.  have you looked at other marketplaces that fit your names.
4. Do you have a revenue portfolio. Can you put together names that make $100 a month or more, with a track record.  Package, firm up your stats and reporting, and be ready to sell.
5. Low hanging Fruit
So you don’t want to outbound, no one does. But have you at least looked at other tlds holders of your .coms. For them your .com is an upgrade, from .net or .org, but also look to holders in other cctlds.  People are easier to find than ever, Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, send a message. Start a conversation.
6. List in Newsletters. Do you need some activity at wholesale prices. List in newsletters appealing names, trade out and up. Submit to the dn.biz newsletter.
7 List on forums. Use make offer, fixed price or auctions at forums like Namepros.
8  Start discussions with people in industries where you have a lot of names. What do they think?  Who do you know, pick 5 friends who are professionals or have business and ask them what they think about premium domain names. We all assume the gold is at the end of the rainbow, that one day everyone will understand.. we don’t want to ask the question because we don’t want to hear the answer. Ask, call first to buy a product, everyone will take your call.
9 Drop or upgrade. What are you keeping and why? Can you make a case for each name your paying renewals on.
10 Quasi-develop. Can you at least take the first step to development by linking to an affiliate or white label page that exactly fits your names
11 – Bonus
Get some social media handles.  Need to do slow and its boring. Its adds to the value of your domain name by having the social media handle that matches your name.  Spend 10 minutes getting your best 5 each session, might even find a buyer?

The Biggest Myth in Domaining

The Biggest Myth in Domaning

You Can Make Money by “Buying” Domain Names

So I’ve fallen prey to this many times, so its time to get real. I’ve said it before, domaining is a delusional business sometimes because you can buy a domain name, tell yourself you bought it at a discount to its true value, and go home that day booking mental profits, thinking you made money.  Walking tall, feeling good. Your Up!

But you make money buying and selling domain names, and hopefully selling for more than you paid to buy, both in the case of each name – and in total.

But the temptation when your starting out, and the offers aren’t coming in.   is to buy more. You need money, you’ve got to make some net worth in domains, and what do we do.. we buy. We buy more names, we make list and end up buying everything on the lists. We buy new tlds, we buy the latest cctlds, we buy drops, we buy premiums, we buy off newsletters,  BUY BUY BUY BUY…and then we hope we sell.  Its like we are in a grocery store, we act as if the grocery store will empty out, and we throw everything in the cart, check out and then see what we have.  Oh thats ok if i make a couple mistakes, my big sales will make up for them.  Why be selective, just get it all its easier.  Ill sell them to and end user if i need to.
You hear you sell 1 % a year, so buy buy buy, You race to get up to 1000 domains, then 1% of that number is selling 10 a year, but a year is 12 months, so i sell a name now, this month – you need to buy 1000.   Want to feel good and have a sale, keep buying up until 1000 to see your first “Your name just sold” email.  Then you can rest, then you can stop.  But when you were ramping up were you being selective enough, or did you cave and buy buy buy.
Keep reading in Part II – Oh No I need to sell. 😱😱😱.
So back  to feeling good, you found a nice 2 word category killer, outbid some others and paid $110, and your sure an end user will pay $10,000. But………… from a cash flow statement, your out money when you buy.. yes even if on a credit card you still owe the money.  You may think you have a a great asset, and before you bought the name, it was illiquid and after you bought the name its illiquid.  You wait a day or two, you list it on Namepros and no one has bought it from you for 5-10x.  Now what to do. .. hey buy more!
So lets go slowly and unpack buying and selling in a marketplace a bit. Warren Buffet used to talk about Mr Market, the idea there was a person who summed up everything happening in the stock market, you can consider him or her (Mrs Market if it helps) your adversary…and in domain name investing Mr. Market owns every good domain already, and bids against you in every market until you drop out.
And Mr Market in domaining doesn’t let us sell to him, in the domain name space he only lets us buy.   We see others selling. We see names like our selling in the NameBio and DnJournal reports. We want to make money, so we buy some names to flip… the buy part is easy, boom boom, done..now try to sell them.  Its tough, so put them in the closet, and buy some more. You rationalize…I think if i could just buy the right name..I can make money.  That next name, that next buy.
Even if you slow down, then you hear a hot trend, you wade in and buy, so your hoping your smarter than everyone, and no one else saw the trend, and somehow you can buy, and then everyone else will pay you more..tomorrow… than they would today when the name was for sale every day up until today?

Typical Domain Name Investor Portfolio

So your portfolio is made up of a few themes, a few keywords where you went overboard and bought 40 names with the same word, and few good names, but you had yo outbid everybody on earth to get them; and some .nets and org of names that would be good in.com  Thats what i see out there.
So you need cash. Can you get cash form selling in the marketplaces?, today right now? They can just play the odds, list 20,000,000 names and some will sell. Unless your at the top of the food chain, LLL and NNNN and one words you would sell for 20-50% of wholesale value, there no place to to cash-out. There is no cashiers windows to lay your chips down, and take back cash.
Liquidity from the brokers?  They can  get 5,000,000 names on landers and someone will there be after names each day.  So they are busy if someone inquiries on a name from their entire group, but they aren’t looking out for your names. What are the chances you have an inquiry?
The landing page companies see nothing but successes, Get 1000 leads a day, follow up every two days for 3 years and someone will buy.  But from a bottom-up perspective that doesn’t help me sell my names. I want leads on my name, how can i make that happen, i cant – so what to do, buy some more names.  Many beginning investors find themselves buying until they make a sale, buy buy buy.
And discipline doesn’t always help. You can start to feel like its a rigged game.  To get a good name you have to pay up. And to sell a name I have to discount price. So i never buy, and i cant sell. You cant win.  Add to that all the feeling all the good names are taken, and what i’m offered i don’t want.
But thats what should happen in a market, everything good is taken. And whats available, you shouldn’t want…unless you have an edge. Do you know an industry well enough you know whats going to sell, then its ok to over-invest. Are you buying in an area, AND SELLING, do you have sales in a theme that underappreciated by other investors.  Then you can own more. Otherwise wait until you know whats selling to buy.
It short be frustrating. Do you feel like that, GOOD!  keep that mindset, it should be tough. You should earn your way to a good buy, and sales are part luck…..even if you make your own luck, sometimes luck is just that lucky.  And don’t be afraid to do nothing, not winning is not losing.
But if you have been buying, and need some cash. You then need someone else to buy our names, please please buy my names. Why – because I need to sell them.  You jump into the forums as if they were waiting for you. You email an inquiry from 3 years ago, and say I’ve decided to possibly sell the name for low 5 figures. But can you get cash this way.. just by deciding you are ready to sell, no!
The fact you have decided to sell is not enough of a reason to get a deal done.  I get emails asking me to appraise names, ie buy them all the time.    Many time i may not have even registered but one out of 10, or 1 out of 100.
But don’t lose hope,  the good news is most of my sales are at 10-50 times what i paid so it only takes 1-3 a week to keep the batteries charged.  If you have a good stable of names.
But the next time you think the thing you need to do is BUY, step away.  Let the moment pass… get clarity on what you should be buying first – buy seeing what sells. Have a talk with yourself or join our community and our live chats. There’s money to be made, but just not from always buying what happens to come to mind at the very moment your domaining, have some extra cash and want to buy your way to profits.
Every domain name “could” sell for 100x after you buy it, but which ones have the best chance. Keep following this blog and i will try to guide you to be a better domainer, to improve your odds of selling your way to success.
So ask yourself this, I do.  What you didnt buy the weakest 30% of your portfolio, and had instead spent 2 hours or more a week on sales, instead of buying. What if you had Brokered other investors names, and got to talk to buyers. See what they say. Then your a better buyer.
So its easy to buy, you look, you search.. pay the credit card.. and feel good. Now selling or improving your odds to sell takes some work..
Read our next post if you have a portfolio, and are not sure what to do.