CVCV Domains for Sale Online. What can you buy?

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CVCV Names for Sale – At or Under $10,000

So for a quick fix in domain investing glory there is nothing like responding to inbound inquiries.  You have a great name and people want it. They have to come to you and you get to set the terms, and price, or tell them to go away. Your in the power position.

And the best group of names to own to get this attention are short LLL and CVCV domains, or one word domains.

CVCV stands for a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel pattern domain name. Once everything was perceived to be taken and priced … Read the rest

Big Name Hunting – City Domain Names

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Some investors apply the term GEO domains to anything with a city name in it. For me pure Geodomains are the names of states, cities and counties and places.

Here is some work we have done recently on the Pure US City Domain Names you can buy right now.

We limit this to buy it now names, make offer doesn’t really help because a buyer has no idea if the price is $1000 or $1 Million.

Info from sources deemed reliable. Subject to change and reporting errors.


Happy Hunting

Uniregistry $7500 Nj 23k Population $15000 Minnesota 43k… Read the rest

Big Name Hunting – Dictionary Word Domain Names You Can Buy Right Now


I keep a list, one of many, of the top 10,000 English dictionary words.   I am usually using it to search some new gTLDs, or those gaining in popularity.  I also use it to pair with popular suffixes like blog and forum, or brandable endings like ily, ocity and ville.

But sometimes you want to do some BIG NAME HUNTING.  Everyone likes a good deal, but you can also make the most amount of money in domaining buying the best names.  And let them reach their high ultimate potential. And Maybe you have to pay up.

When I bought, … Read the rest

After the Drop 12.27.19

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Here are some available Names.

Happy Hunting… Read the rest

Page’s Available Names Bonus 100 .Coms For Reg Fee

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Page’s Available Hand Registration Domain Investor Lists

This week I have listed 5 and 6 letter names, and coin/crypto and vanity names. 

These are recently dropped names. Every other domain investor and bot passed.

I consider this like showing up at the swap meet late in the day. All the obvious bargains are gone, but you have some time to evaluate what you want, and you know if you like it, its buy and go. Your not wondering if you will get the back-order, or having to do a 3 day auction.

Also, I sometimes I find groups of names
Read the rest

CyberMonday After The Drop 12/2/2019

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Whats dropping? Any worth buying and what are others passing on?

Each week we bring you some of the best dropped names available for registration.

I’ll wait 24 hours before registering any myself.

Good Luck.… Read the rest

Available .Com Domain Names – November 11, 2019

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Weekend edition. Some recently dropped and available domain names.  For our site-builder viewers, might make affiliate sites or online businesses. For investors, gives you an idea of what is available.

To see our previous lists, click on the series above or here.  Ill wait 48 hours before grabbing my favorites. – Two nearby Florida regions. – Either functional attribute of a car, skateboard or vehicle. Or pursuasion of people, or to be like a cow….lol. Boom. Sold.  NOTD. Nice local domain store. – Nice e-sports team name. – There are a lot of … Read the rest

Bonus Available Names List – Dictionary 1 word .io

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So the .io domain name extension seems to have some popularity, demand and sway among the Silicon Valley and Tech communities. Some domainers have had some success with .io   Some bloggers have hinted they plan to by more in 2020.

On the other hand, the most fearful downside has been expressed that .io may not even be a country at some point. The thought is names “should” still work.

But what to buy?  You can randomly spot .io domains others are bidding on in auctions in the most active postings from godaddy or namejet; or watch the auctionsRead the rest

Available Names 11/8/19

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Our Periodic list of names available after the drop.

Use to buy a couple, or simply know and see what everyone else is not seeing or letting go. Comment to subscribe get notices of these posts.



 … Read the rest

After the Drop 11/5/19 Plus Bonus

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Our biggest list ever, over 50 names available after the drop.  Ok. So these may not be DnJournal top tens. But no bots. On the downside, everyone else passed or didn’t see. Good luck.

So use for some registrations, or to gauge what people are missing, or perhaps seeing and most likely what Domainers don’t want.

Click here for prior lists.

I’m using Epik more (this is an affiliate link). $7.49 and integrates with Afternic. – NOTD (Name of the Day) Nice cannabis name without having to spell cannabis. – like cannabis –  Might … Read the rest