After the Drop 6/13/2019 Like Urban, abbreviated, nice info site. May not need one with this domain…. Sure Protect Yourself 1/2 of a state Sounds french Covers them all. Big Time CPC $60+ Gaming Name I need one Exclusive opportunities, experiences are big Ill buy this one if free 24 hours later Big stats Sometime these are paid One Word, positive fairness, equity pay Do they really like them? Sounds cool Hey lookie here Update on scares, warnings High Engagement value Lots of
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After the Drop 6/11/2019    Because the old one didn’t do so good.   Billion dollar business.     Not just daughters..    Nice Geo. Each one is 2-100k. Think a pinterest pages and affiliate program.   Phase What you get from a emoitonal suppot dog. Brandable My name of the day, a CVCVCVCV with rhyming repeaters, (I just made that up) Huge industry. With this name. My Home state. Nice tip site.… Read the rest

Special .io Available after the Drop

So with the recent $68,000 sale, some of you may need some .io inventory.

Almost everything taken but here is a top 10 from todays’ drop. Ill wait 24 hours before registering the ones i want.  Lowest price at Namecheap and Dynadot from my research.

Todays’ best .io domain names available after the drop.   Emerging Technology seems to fit .io extension with llll, 1 word pronounceable is the best. popular and well known game, and thus word.    Progressive type word Shows a tech connection for an attorney in AI Perfect for software, online … Read the rest

After the Drop 5/26/2019  – NOTD   – abbreviation for West Hollywood… Read the rest

After the Drop – Bonus 5/26/19

Weekly Wrap-Up – From the last few days, still available – ok so this is what you dont do… Read the rest

After the Drop 5/22/2019

Todays’ dropped names still available at post-time. – costs quite a bit, nice side job. – for teachers – alwasy have the best rolls – these exist i think note the S- so for cigarettes – lots of donations – plan well or lose money – highly searched – as in this name – easy online service, or lookup site – online data site – for elections or marketing – nice one word – a real turn on – even better than smart phones … Read the rest

After the Drop 5/21/2019

Todays Dropped Names available at time of publication.

Happy Hunting. Video or Call to action landing page name. Most will be this one day To find if you have any zymos? LA neighborhood, deliver to the stars. I like as a systems related brandable, or a drug name. Where you go to get ice cream, or where made. So off order, but SEO term and heavily searched term. Yum when you need a sheep dog. brandable for consultancy My favorite, even has an emoji I think. Rock
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Available Names – Bonus Extra with “Great”

So closed at $25k, now thats probably two retail investors getting passionate about a domain name, but it got me thinking what other great names are out there.

Plurals are tricky because they aren’t as easy to search for in bulk.  So i ran the top endings form lean domain search, added an s and ran through some available names. I like on the list, if it lasts a day ill probably register it.

Here is a curated list of available domain names with Great, a popular word and a plural ending.  I know i have some “ys” … Read the rest

After the Drop 5/19/2019

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Some nice Geo Cannabis Domain names and Real Estate on todays list. isnt Physics cool! Geo, and get high on the Space Coast get it So the THE gets taken off for search, not terrible, ill grab if no one else does. Big click, about $60 Has some use, taken in 1 extension see above Fun the new geos now that’s brandable either color, literature or Gone with the Wind heroine Vegas development Huge business ! Lots of uses sounds like a book
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After the Drop 4/17/2019 and buying and selling domain names. How to scan, store, buy sell or restore. Or both 13k Population  63 houses for sale on trulia. Big time searches, lots of cooks need ideas, convert traffic to money NOTD – Huge market What the guy on scooby doo had One who perturbs Who doesn’t want to be, gamer / user name. yum, nice home-brew name supposed to make you feel better, is it healthy? Stuff that bacteria do Lots of them and they spend money Ouch, when
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