Words in the Most TLDs – Top 1000

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So while not authoritative, I’ve spent some time this week working on a list of names registered in the top number of Tlds.  In the past various data sites could tell us in how many of the old big five (com,net,org,info,biz) a left of the dot string was registered… if we provided the string.

But many great names maxed out at five, or an old school customer from back in the day may have registered and kept renewing all five.  So in picking from top names the metric lost some of its value.

So no doubt you can put a … Read the rest

After the Drop. Special .US Edition

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And even better name.com is running a promo for $1.99.

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So here are about 50 .US names that caught my eye.  For many, the old pre 2003 perception of the .us domain namespace is still rooted in the city.state.purpose.us system.  Yes you can have second level .US domains.  They are doing some attractive  marketing. At least, at the price, these make nice tests. The only way to tell if a Tld has resale demand is to own names.   I picked up some and … Read the rest