Recent Domain Name Registration Trends

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Looking at some recent domain registrations and trends.

I am of two minds about the “new normal” quarantine periods and social distancing, and domain name investments.

One one hand everything most domain investors and the domain industry have encouraged – online businesses, e-commerce, own your own online presence;  is now mandatory. The new action could lead to more businesses, and setting up online initiatives should require more domain names.

But, dropping the GDP of the world 10-15% means spending will take a hit also.

So lets see whats being registered. I ran two sets of 5 names on DomainScope.

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Do We Need The “cc” Anymore? ccTLD Updates and .GG Notes

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One of our sponsors Toweb keeps an eye out for the news in cctlds.  I use them for registrations in countries that have residency requirements and/or manual processes.  I’ll review some cctld topics and .GG in todays post.  Btw, I think the “cc” will soon be dropped and we may call all domains just TLD’s or Domains.

What are cctlds?  These are the 2 Letter combinations used to identify local domain names for countries globally.  They are usually owned and managed by the country, operate separate from ICANN from an authority point of view; but are inside the internet community … Read the rest

24 Trends and Words I Like in Domain Names. Updating Your Pricing and Searching Over Time, What Happened to 3DTV?


If your trying to flip domains or jump on trends as a domain name investor, have you updated your search lists lately?

Its always been a tough adjustment to admit a trend I really liked, didn’t pan out or take off. Or, was I just too early?  I’ve probably bought over 30,000 domains over time and I’ve made mistakes. In some cases I’ve picked the wrong trend. I did a lot of names with 20 at the end. I was lucky to have one buyer who grabbed 4-6 over the years. But overall I clearly admit I overinvested.  Now I … Read the rest

Head to the Beach. Best Available Names Special .ORG Edition

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Our After The Drop series show you recently dropped and available domain names for investors and website owners.

Its colder weather in the northern hemisphere but you can feel like your on the beach with or,  if your the first to nab.

In our best available names series, we present the best dropped names still available. See past issues here. Normally we are only .com but with .org in the news, we did a .org edition today.

So doubt, what lefts is never the best. Yes would be the best (and is available for hand reg).  … Read the rest

Steyer Buys Trump Slogan Domain Name


Democratic Candidate Tom Steyer bought the domain name

As reported on Billionaire Tom Steyer, polling above 5% in the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, now owns the domain name

The name was first registered as far back as 2004. Most recently ( 2015 Registration) it was site selling clothing, with a possible trademark.  It was run by a self described “couple of guys”.  I’m thinking Steyer made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Not the Godfather kind, but the Randy Moss kind… straight cash.

We are just a couple of regular Read the rest

Have Data or Ideas on Internet Governance? $3.5 Million in Grants Waiting.

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Can you help “fill gaps in needed research” on Internet Governance? The Knight Foundation may have funds for you.

While it seems intended for social media research I can’t help but think some in our community can contribute to the discussion around ICANN self-dealing, and especially UDRP abuse, Whois changes and the .org giveaway.

Good luck.

Knight Foundation invests $3.5 million in research to inform the national debate on internet governance and policy

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Big Name Review. Page’s Picks at

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Page Howe’s Curated List of Domains on – Part 1

Part II Below.

Sometimes you just want a good name.  A good domain name can make a business. If you own the name, you control the business. There are millions of names for sale online.   How can you find the better ones? If you look on the daily and weekly reports, you only see what has been sold – meaning you can’t buy, or a domain investor owns and it is going to cost you much much more.

But:  you may not know whats available, to even start to … Read the rest

Part II The Biggest Myth in Domaining

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Part II Of My Introduction to the Biggest Myth in Domaining.

Read Part I here

Oh No!!! I need to sell. 😱😱😱.

The 10 steps start after this post. First a little on the mental and emotional side of domaining, if your not meeting your goals. If things are going great you can skip to the steps.

So back to buying because its the only thing you can actively do, and it makes you feel good.   Your feeling good, you found a nice 2 word category killer, outbid some others and paid $110, and your sure an end user will … Read the rest

Valuable .ETH Names Lost – Perils of the Blockchain Space

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Coindesk is reporting 16 names were lost due to a glitch in a recent .ETH domain auction.  And, because its a distributed environment, there is no way to undo or fix the transaction.

OpenSea, which was running the auction, is trying to fix the problem, at a cost. They are offering a 25% reward for the return. (See link below) My guess is its money well spent for the publicity it will bring from people asking what are .ETH names anyway.

Unless they give the name to the winning bidder, I also predict it will sell for 2-3x the prior … Read the rest

Domain Name Auction Bidding Strategies

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Domain Name Auction Bidding Strategies

Bid Soon, or Wait Til Last Minute?

Show Strength, or Be the Water Torture than Frustrates the Proxy Bidder?

On Extended Auctions, Overbid Fast, or Wait til Last Minute.

These are some of the questions I ask myself and I thought I’d share my journey, some thoughts and then some tips to help you be a better bidder.  For an overview of some basic strategies, these articles set the stage nicely. Bidding Strategies

Read it if you can spare the 3 minutes. A couple of ideas I use quite often, Here is one.

Avoid Read the rest