The Joy of Domaining – The Sale

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Are you receiving these messages below. Look at your past year and see how often your selling names. Once a month, once a week.  There is a number out there for how many names you should sell, 1%. You should be selling 1% of your portfolio.  I say baloney, do better. The 1% lets you make excuses for the 99% of your names that don’t sell.  Read our prior post here.

Now if your asking top top prices; and truly Read the rest

Domain Investing Trends – A Special Five Part Series

Domain Investing in Trends

In the stock market investors can sometimes be grouped as growth investors and value investors.  Ill look at these two types of investing; and then apply some of the elements of each that I think apply to domain investing. Ill take you through a history lesson on earlier days of domain investing leading up to an analysis and opinions on trends and some tips for trend and theme investing.  So first off  I will cover growth or go with the trend investing.

Growth investors are investing in those companies growing earnings.   Now everyone likes earnings. Analyst … Read the rest

Domain Registration Trends Crypto & Cannabis

This post covers daily domain registrations in CryptoCurrency and Cannabis, some popular trendy keywords. Later we walk you through the last 100 domain registration in the Cannabis space to see what the public can still register.

So those of us that didn’t register names in 1994 when our brothers nephews cousin worked at MIT have to try to catch some new trends to find premium names to buy and sell.

Crypto Domain Names

So of the current trends I thought I’d look at daily registrations of some trendy keywords.

So the green is coin which has the highest daily registrations … Read the rest

Having Trouble with the Bots and Auto-bidding on Godaddy Auctions

Read time about 5-10 minutes, not a quickie.

Frustrated with big players using bots and data to win all the good auctions, walk with me as I go through what you may be feeling, and some steps you can take to be a better domain name investor.

First off, No one said it would be easy. So buck up, stay in the game. There are still very few businesses with the potential of domaining.

Sure, we’d love to be the only bidder at an auction, and have the platform offer great inventory, and have a low minimum bid, and be … Read the rest

Special .io More Available Names

So heres another list,  a follow up to todays After the drop these are some drops
from the past year. So everyone has passed on these, and no end user has looked for and taken. Should you buy? Depends on if you want to have 1 or 2 .ios on board for discussion with brandable buyers. If you want to try developing for sale on .io. 

And lastly, pure chance someone else comes looking in the next year or two.

We did find every english word dropped in the past year is taken.

Happy Hunting!

4 Letter Pronounceable Available Domains

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