After the Drop 9/20/19

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Here are a group of expired domains still available. Take down if you like at your favorite registrar, I wait 24 hours before I register.

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SanDiegoRetirementHomes.comRead the rest

ADD Expired Domain Names 9/23

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Everyone have a good weekend. These expired domain names did not, no one wanted them Saturday or Sunday, Should you?

Here are a group of expired domain names still available. Take down if you like at your favorite registrar, I wait 24 hours before I register.

Click here to see prior lists.  Follow us or subscribe to get expired domain name notifications on these lists.  So the S hurts, but not too badly.   Def:incapable of being terminated; unending: an interminable job. monotonously or annoyingly protracted or continued; unceasing; incessant: I can’t stand that interminable clatter.   Kinda like this … Read the rest

After the Drop – 9-17-19

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From the weekend, plus a special Canna CBD Section.

To see all my posts in this series with available names (at the time of publication) – i like one percent back. – ok so its not a store that swims… lol  1/3 of New jersey – just dont get on TV or go to jail. – freedoms………….. – either for Aussies or Aussie stuff – absolutely huge following, my NOTD ill wait 24 hours to grab – dreamer of money and victory and glory – either eat it, or read about Read the rest

After the Drop 9-13-19

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We show you available names after the drop.  Subject to prior registration, or other errors and typos. Due your own due diligence. happy Hunting! – either food blog or online diner – one might be buying this name – my NOTD  – sounds luxurious – Either webpages or handicapping – Tennis term, sounds postive – beauty – probably cost a lot – great app name – sometime a name just sounds funny –  since when did casual cost so much – Finance brandableRead the rest

After the Drop 5/19/2019

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Some nice Geo Cannabis Domain names and Real Estate on todays list. isnt Physics cool! Geo, and get high on the Space Coast get it So the THE gets taken off for search, not terrible, ill grab if no one else does. Big click, about $60 Has some use, taken in 1 extension see above Fun the new geos now that’s brandable either color, literature or Gone with the Wind heroine Vegas development Huge business ! Lots of uses sounds like a book
Read the rest

After the Drop 9-11-2019

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Available recent drops.  Great Stats, Affiliate Potential. Note the added “s” insurances.  Typo.    Truly your private stash. Might be needed soon to test safety. No problem getting paid participants.  When canna products take over the world. You never see too many plain ones. Large metro area, 300k-3 Million price tag  Georgia City Country in the The News format nice Popular renewal or hometown suffix.   Who wants be just Miffy when you can be miffier.  From counting all the money you could make form this name.  So there are … Read the rest

After the Drop Week Ending 9 2 2019

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Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

Use to check against what your renewing, subject to prior registration. – High PPC – Familiar soccer term, ok football. – surfs up – and this name – 2 in NY and Boston – sounds familiar – Ive got a couple of these. – Come on over… – They know more now…. – 20-30 of these needed next year. – Popular – improvement is so hard to spell – Not just critically but hyper… – Read the rest

After the Drop 7/23/2019

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3from the last few days, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.  – these near me have high CPC   – nice site for lists    either old or new   needed    good to copy off of    needed, !  see above  much admired action – fansite?  – then your not a drain on anyone else  what you do when having trouble with cword puzzle  – please!  –  think the Rock  – no one will see you  needed  important for workers, contractors two big words

chicagosbestrestaurants.comRead the rest

Special .io More Available Names

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So heres another list,  a follow up to todays After the drop these are some drops
from the past year. So everyone has passed on these, and no end user has looked for and taken. Should you buy? Depends on if you want to have 1 or 2 .ios on board for discussion with brandable buyers. If you want to try developing for sale on .io. 

And lastly, pure chance someone else comes looking in the next year or two.

We did find every english word dropped in the past year is taken.

Happy Hunting!

4 Letter Pronounceable Available Domains

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After the Drop 5/22/2019

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Todays’ dropped names still available at post-time. – costs quite a bit, nice side job. – for teachers – alwasy have the best rolls – these exist i think note the S- so for cigarettes – lots of donations – plan well or lose money – highly searched – as in this name – easy online service, or lookup site – online data site – for elections or marketing – nice one word – a real turn on – even better than smart phones … Read the rest