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So heres another list,  a follow up to todays After the drop these are some drops
from the past year. So everyone has passed on these, and no end user has looked for and taken. Should you buy? Depends on if you want to have 1 or 2 .ios on board for discussion with brandable buyers. If you want to try developing for sale on .io. 

And lastly, pure chance someone else comes looking in the next year or two.

We did find every english word dropped in the past year is taken.

Happy Hunting!

4 Letter Pronounceable Available Domains

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After the Drop 5/22/2019

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Todays’ dropped names still available at post-time.

movingsheds.com – costs quite a bit, nice side job.

plannedlessons.com – for teachers

amishrestaurants.com – alwasy have the best rolls

runnersandals.com – these exist i think

thepapersstore.com note the S- so for cigarettes

hospitalgiving.com – lots of donations

houseinsuranceplan.com – plan well or lose money

indiaexchangerate.com – highly searched

collectwisely.com – as in this name

copyrightregistrations.com – easy online service, or lookup site

corporatescreeners.com – online data site

digitalcampaigners.com – for elections or marketing

embattling.com – nice one word

extremeflashlight.com – a real turn on

smartyphones.com – even better than smart phones

strawberrycheese.com … Read the rest

After the Drop 4/1/2019

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So is there anything left after the drop, anything at all worth registering. I think so. Welcome to After the Drop.

Each day ill show you what i think are some reasonable speculations.  Did you shoot too low and not get into auctions for great names? Are you sure you going to get outbid?  Did you crash early last night and just look and names with bids already.   Do you have a full time job and cant do domaining during the day.

Ill post at 4.30 CST each day some prospects that made it thru the drop.  Registrar wherever you Read the rest

After the Drop 4/2/2019

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Heres todays best of the drop, still available at post time.

NashvilleDominatrix.com now that’s a Geo Service Name.
ArlingtonHeightsAttorney.com City of 75K, good legal geo.
BakersfieldMedia.com city and region
CaliforniaInsurances.com You need lots of them these days.
CheyenneMedia.com Media is a great ending.
CoachellaValleyAttorney.com So LA is a series of Valley’s , here one.
EasternCarolinaRealEstate.com Region name taken in 116 .coms, 3 other tlds.
GreekIslandsYachtCharter.com Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.?
GreekIslandsYachtCharters.com Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.?
Hearingless.com One word,  kinda.
Jurisprudences.com A little longer than laws, but that’s makes it brandable.
LasVegasPlumbingServices.com Geo Service
LongislandCommercialRealty.com Big
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After the Drop 4/3/19

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The best hand register and curated domain names left after the drop.

420Meal.com    its 420 somewhere…….
BestBalanceTransferCards.com  $10 + click
Vouchsafing.com  i think a security word, check spelling.
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After the Drop 4/17/2019

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NeverStopMovingForward.com and buying and selling domain names.
OlderPhotos.com How to scan, store, buy sell or restore.
WhiskyAndCognac.com Or both
NorthGreenbushHomes.com 13k Population  63 houses for sale on trulia.
RoastedChickenRecipes.com Big time searches, lots of cooks need ideas, convert traffic to money
ThemeReseller.com NOTD – Huge market
ShaggyHair.com What the guy on scooby doo had
Perturber.com One who perturbs
SpectacularGirl.com Who doesn’t want to be, gamer / user name.
WitchesBrews.com yum, nice home-brew name
BackCracking.com supposed to make you feel better, is it healthy?
Bacterious.com Stuff that bacteria do
CollectorClubs.com Lots of them and they spend money
CreditVise.com Ouch, when
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After the Drop 4/22/2019

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Hand Registration Domain Names

Available hand registration domain names available after the drop on april 22 2019. These are names you can hand register for the regular fee right now.

So heres whats left from our main list today.

SelfLevellingConcrete.com – pure product name

Evidentiality.com – ok so if its an available one word dictionary name. I like it because it has some news/fact checking/ content meanings

TulsaLegalNews.com – Ive had these before, always thought they should get some of the paid legal announcement business.

Caucus2020.com – some big elections in 2020


TestingNegative.com – sometime its what you want, … Read the rest