Annoying Offshore Build a Website Phone Calls

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Anyone else getting pinged hundred of times a day.  So whats the best strategy” Go private, put a fake number?

So with my cell phone, if im on a call, especially a skype call, any incoming call puts me on hold. Sure i can probably fix that, but what about these calls.

I’m getting repeated spam calls to build a website. Not a big deal if you just registered one site, but if your a domain name investor and buy 100’s per month, thats a lot of calls. Same robo dialer, one after an other.  Think you can answer it … Read the rest

After the Drop 5/13/2019

Leave a Comment0 – or ACX – ok so its a made-up word, sounds gamer cool – i love the ology’s, the scince of – all news is local – your own TV station – one who does transactions – should have a great logo – nuff said – i knows there a billion 5 letter brandable, liked as “nox” – planned community / country club… Read the rest

After the Drop 5/16/2019

Leave a Comment0 Political and sociology names are hot topics. Make up yoour own definition. The best kind. Hugely popular, some nice stats def.  an attacker who pelts the victim with stones (especially with intent to kill) Nice area sell above the act of having a press conference big area nice user name lots of searches everyone in LA needs this one now I just have to nickname something ZL see above Lots of searches info site? with this name call to action home
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After the Drop 5/21/2019

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Todays Dropped Names available at time of publication.

Happy Hunting. Video or Call to action landing page name. Most will be this one day To find if you have any zymos? LA neighborhood, deliver to the stars. I like as a systems related brandable, or a drug name. Where you go to get ice cream, or where made. So off order, but SEO term and heavily searched term. Yum when you need a sheep dog. brandable for consultancy My favorite, even has an emoji I think. Rock
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After the Drop 6/13/2019

Leave a Comment0 Like Urban, abbreviated, nice info site. May not need one with this domain…. Sure Protect Yourself 1/2 of a state Sounds french Covers them all. Big Time CPC $60+ Gaming Name I need one Exclusive opportunities, experiences are big Ill buy this one if free 24 hours later Big stats Sometime these are paid One Word, positive fairness, equity pay Do they really like them? Sounds cool Hey lookie here Update on scares, warnings High Engagement value Lots of
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After the Drop – Bonus 5/26/19

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Weekly Wrap-Up – From the last few days, still available – ok so this is what you dont do… Read the rest

After the Drop 5/26/2019

Leave a Comment0  – NOTD   – abbreviation for West Hollywood… Read the rest

Special .io Available after the Drop

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So with the recent $68,000 sale, some of you may need some .io inventory.

Almost everything taken but here is a top 10 from todays’ drop. Ill wait 24 hours before registering the ones i want.  Lowest price at Namecheap and Dynadot from my research.

Todays’ best .io domain names available after the drop.   Emerging Technology seems to fit .io extension with llll, 1 word pronounceable is the best. popular and well known game, and thus word.    Progressive type word Shows a tech connection for an attorney in AI Perfect for software, online … Read the rest

ADD Available Names 10/16/19

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Happy Hunting

Selfish Affiliate Plug for Dynadot ($5.99)

Available Names Recently Dropped.



 … Read the rest