Video – Hand Registration Fee Domains

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Watch and search along with me for hand registration domain names using  See what I buy and don’t buy. Watch to help you become a better domain name investor.

I’m looking at names recently deleted. If this isn’t your niche check out our other videos for Big Name Hunters.


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Domain With Me – Godaddy Auctions Daily Plan


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Referenced Video from September: 15 Minutes

So each day I make my daily Godaddy Auctions plan in the morning.  Try to do these things each morning or night before to help you be ready, in a balanced way, to get the names you want, and have less regret.  Be intentional.  Today’s notes and video are more for lower priced names. Next week I will do a similar post for big name hunters.

Also, Knowing I will do this each day means I don’t have to keep all this information in my head. Its my process that … Read the rest