Speculating on New TLD’s – Name.com Promos

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Fortunate for me right in the middle of hunting for some new tlds (see prior posts); Name.com comes out with a new group of FIRST year discounts on a group of new TLDS.  I’ve put in bold those I am looking so far.

$0.99 domains
.club, .space

$1.99 domains
.email, .life, .live, .software, .today, .us

$2.99 domains
.agency, .biz, .co, .guru, .media, .moda, .news, .plus, .style

$3.99 domains
.tech, .center, .codes, .digital, .energy

$4.99 domains

$8.99 domains

For me, its a penny arcade that lets me pay a small “option” fee for the … Read the rest

New TLD Treasure Hunting

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Now lets keep going and domain with me and see what I found.  In the prior post  I talked about the possibility of duplicating the success of the investors who bought flipped and had purchased from them CBD.world and CBD.biz.  The value was created in the buy, the fortune and luck brought the sale.  So can you buy some new TLD’s and get lucky yourself?

Part II – What I Found

Most of the available words were taken or premium priced. No surprise.  (I was searching those words taken in the most extensions). Some were available at premium high renewal … Read the rest