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Listings Just 8% for the next few months ….

Hi Folks,

One of the biggest challenges I had/have running the domain sale newsletter was simply my own ability to carve out time for it while running 2 other successful businesses. That has been very painful for me because the newsletter works.

We sold a lot of domains.

I am hoping to resolve that issue and market the newsletter full time with the help of my partner Joe Politzer. Joe and I have done several joint ventures on other domain related companies, always with great success.

We are rebranding the newsletter at DN.biz and have added over 1500 buyer/seller contacts.

Please send your friends and acquaintances to DN.biz to sign up to get the newsletter. Those already on the current email list need to do nothing, you will simply start receiving the email from our DN.biz email address.

The best news is for the next few months we are doing commissions at just 8% on all domains and no exclusivity on domains under $350k.

You can email your domain submissions to:    submissions@dn.biz

Further details can be found on the site at http://dn.biz

And just in case be sure to add the email address newsletter@dn.biz to your email white-list / safe-sender list.


Eric Rice and Joe Politzer

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