Today’s Domains – Bullcrap & Goverment

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Hi Folks,

Got some great deals on today’s list, don’t be the second person to reply “sold” on a domain because only the first get the name. Also got any names that have been sitting on your shelves too long? Let somebody else have a crack at it, submit it to us and we’ll move it for you so you can put your money into something new. The holidays are coming and it’s time to change up your inventory.

Great Opportunities
$10k – What this price isn’t
$5k – Do a google images search for this word or I can save you the trouble and tell you it means breasts.
$10k – Spanish for “The Movies”
$10k – Covers the category

Was $5,500 now $2k
Was $3k, then $1,500, now $1k LAST CALL

UK Domains

Bargain Domains
Today each @ just $250

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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