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Hi Folks,

Thought I’d try something different today and give you the microphone. Below I’ve listed some of the domains from the past few newsletters which are still available without prices. This is your opportunity to tell us what you think the price should be which you can do by submitting a binding offer on any of these names. Your offer will only be binding for 24 hours and we are only accepting offers for the next 24 hours. The seller of the domain is in no way obligated to accept your offer for the sale of the domain however they certainly have that option. This serves as helpful feedback for both us and the sellers who have participated thus far and gives you the opportunity to take home any of these great domains for the price you want. Please don’t send us your appraisal or your opinion on what you think the price should be. Quite frankly, your offer is your appraisal and your opinion. It’s our mission to bring you great opportunities at wholesale/Domainer-to-Domainer prices and your feedback helps! If you have any questions, just ask.

Big Names

Great Investments

Developed With Traffic (With 10,000 Unique Visitors a month & Developed website)

Short Domains


Other TLDS

Spanish Language (Free Movies in Spanish) (Breasts in Spanish) (Computer Games in Spanish) (Movie in spanish) (Game Download in Spanish) (Musich Downloads in Spanish)

Do not start escrow or send payment until I have confirmed that your offer was accepted.

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Best Regards

Eric Rice & Joe Politzer

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