Today’s Domains – Thanksgiving thru Kwanzaa

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Hi folks,

As I’ve been traveling the past few days I haven’t been working too much but to kick off the holidays I’ve put together today’s newsletter with some great holiday deals to kick off the holiday season. It’s a short list but there should be a little something in here for most everybody. If I missed your holiday and you’ve got a good domain for it submit it and perhaps I’ll do another of these tomorrow or Friday.

I’ll be ramping back up next week so submit your names now for consideration. If you’ve got big names you think should sell for over $350k contact us and we will broker those beyond the newsletter for a commission lower than anyone else will and without the exclusivity.

Today’s Domains
(in the order which the holidays appear on the calendar)

$2,950 +
$1,200 (includes both domains)

Note that there are a lot of ways to spell Chanukkah. In most articles about Hanukkah it is often spelled many of them mixed throughout the article.

Chanukiah Package
A Chanukiah is the Christmas Tree of Chanukah. It is the candle holder with 9 branches. Fun Fact: A lot of poeple call it the Menorah but they are 100% wrong. A menorah has 7 branches. – A popular alternate spelling

All three together for $1,500

Christmas +
was $2,500 now – $1,500 Last change to be Santa’s post office (includes both domains)

Kwanzaa +
$1,500 (includes both domains)

Do not start escrow or send payment until I have confirmed that you were the first responder!

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Happy Holidays,

Eric Rice & Joe Politzer

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