Move Your Domains Faster! New Guaranteed Placement Program & Financing Now Available via inteLend

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Some exciting new announcements today that should benefit both buyers and sellers on our platform.

Financing Now Available

First we have established a strategic partnership with to provide buyers with an extremely simple financing option. You can apply for financing via by using the link directly on our site or within the newsletter your receive,  by contacting them directly at  or you can click HERE.

Notably offers the following advantages:

  1. There is never a credit check.
  2. Cash advances are made solely on the value of the assets.
  3. Whether your need $500 or $500,000 financing is available (of course subject to approval).
  4. Decisions are fast, you will know within 1 business day.
  5. You maintain full use of the domain(s).
  6. Every deal is a 30 day deal giving you the flexibility to decide every month whether to keep the deal in place.
New Guaranteed Placement Program
The goal of this newsletter is to be the best vehicle for you to move your domains within our target audience which are other domain investors like you. We aim to make it easy for you to move old inventory allowing you to free up capital to invest in new inventory. We have devised a new guaranteed placement program in order to better facilitate this.

Here’s How it works:

If you buy an item (a domain, website, or portfolio) through our newsletter we will guarantee you placement (subject to our TOS) of up to 5 of your own items (domains, websites, portfolios) totaling up to the same amount of money you spent buying through our newsletter. This total (or cap) is calculated by adding up the initial listing prices for the items which you choose to list with the guaranteed placement program. After your guaranteed listing’s initial run we may choose at our own discretion to run your items again for up to 2 weeks from the initial run based on our TOS. If you choose to lower the price for subsequent runs during these 2 weeks that does not reduce the cap for this promotion as the cap is set by your initial pricing. You do get to choose your own pricing for items listed with this promotion however realize that if you set your price too high your item may not sell and you are spending your cap. As always, we are happy to help advise you on what we feel is the best price to start out at for your listings.

Both of these new programs are available starting now. Furthermore, if you have bought any domains through the newsletter starting November 1st of this year contact us and we will be happy to retroactively offer you the guaranteed placement program.

As always submit your domains to or via the form on THIS page.

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