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Some exciting announcements: We now have a guaranteed placement program. All you have to do to qualify is buy a domain through the newsletter. For more information see our website HERE. Also new today we now have financing available through a partnership with For more information see our website HERE. Also please follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. Furthermore you can subscribe to our posts via our RSS feed as well.

Now on to today’s names. Somebody really needs to buy You know what to do.
$13,500 – Seriously you need to buy this domain. 4 Letters,, and a common first name. sold on NameJet for $188k+ yesterday. What more do you need to know?
$4,500 – BIN or make an offer and I’ll see if I can pull some strings 😉
$5k – One of the best keywords of all time and there are lots of ads for this product/sevice on TV
$5k – Perfect with .org
$3,500 – Also Perfect with .org
$1,500 – Start getting ready for the next election now. You have 4 years to prepare.

$250 each, one word domains!

$475 each (British spelling; common outside the US)
Pair:, ***** one word domain *****

$475: Set of 3 – the warmest area of canada is the Cowichan valley; they have started a wine country there:,,

$995 each

$2,800 each

$15K each

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