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Here are today’s domains along with some big news. All domains today are priced for other domain investors such as yourself. I expect to see a lot of these go. I particularly like & at these prices.

Today’s Major Announcement is that we now have free listings available, and available to everyone! This is something I have been working on for a few days and thus the slowdown in newsletters (along with the massive response we are still dealing with from Friday’s run). Now, even if your domains are not selected for inclusion in the newsletter you can list them online, for free, with no commissions along with our newsletter every day posted online. Buyers can send you a PM (Private Message) regarding any of your free listings and we never reveal who you are, nor do we charge you anything. We just provide you with the opportunity and it’s up to you to take advantage of it. Rather than explain how it works here it would be easier if you just check out the page on our site that explains it which is: or you can click HERE.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn because we are not always going to include news updates like this and other special offers in email in an effort to lighten the load on everybody’s inbox, thus leaving more space in the email to list your domains for sale.
was $5k now $4k – $850 – $250 – $375 – $950 – $277 – $199 – $177 – $299 – $299 – $175 – $1,800 – $1,200 – $377 – $199 – $1,800 – $325 – $177 – $399 – $850 – $255 – $399 – $325 – $199

Online Dating Pair + Extra: $850 + +
$325 – Coming from someone who has lived in Bali for 3 years, this is massive. People won’t even go to the beach in Bali because they are terrified of turning black. I’m not making this up, and no I don’t agree with it, but yes it is huge. Every lotion, face wash & shampoo has an available option with a whitening agent. This isn’t just for Bali either, it’s all of Asia and probably lots of other places too.

Cuba Set: $325,,

$99 Domains: Everything below this line just $99 each (reg’d since 1998) (2000) (1999; all states are taken) (all states are taken) (1998) (2005) (1999) (all 4 of those are reg’d since 2001)

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains
  1. In light of the 4 ‘year’.info domains for $99, in case there are any takers on those, I will offer to sell at the same price. Offer good until the next newsletter is posted. Push at current registrar only (Namecheap). thanks.

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