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Quick announcement: Today will be the last day the newsletter will come with the from name set as “Eric Rice”. Future editions will come from “DN.BIZ” although the from address will remain the same which is The reason for this is because either Eric or I may reply to you and this way you won’t always think it’s Eric when sometimes it is me.
Now $9,999 – This price for 1 day only.
$4,800 – A hot niche right now

$2,499 Domains – 12th Richest County in the US, as many as 7000 homes on some search engines.

$999 Domains – $23.01 CPC

$499 Domains – Tax time coming up, 3600 searches at $15.91 CPC – 540k Population in Metro Area, $15 CPC – Texas City

$249 Domains

$99 Domains

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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