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We want to wish everyone Happy Holidays now as we will be taking the next few days off from sending out another newsletter until after the 25th. Feel free to submit names even if you don’t see a newsletter for the next few days in case you are still in rush to move some names before the new 2013 capital gains take effect (that whole fiscal cliff thing) as we will be running a newsletter again before the New Years. We will also still be fielding inquiries and closing deals over this time, just not creating any new work for ourselves. Now onto Today’s Domains:

Single Letter Domain
M.GD – $1,900 (This is the last price reduction on this one, and a really good deal)

Developed Set +
$3,800 (includes 6 other variations and developed sites)

$2,499 Each – This is huge in the US, and only 3 letters

$1,999 Each – Call to Action

$999 Each

$499 Each

$249 Each

$99 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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