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Welcome back! Got a portfolio and few names to start off the New Year. A lot of people are asking what sort of names are best to submit for sale and we are finding that 1 word non .coms that are good words (not adverbs or weird tenses) and priced less than $1,500 move pretty fast. This is mostly .net & .org but seems to work for other extensions as well if the word is right. With .com, short short names (4 chars or less) or strong 2 word keyword names < $5k move as well as long as the terms are proper (no weird plurals where there shouldn’t be etc…). Single letter in any extension is good as well. Of course more expensive names are selling too but the types listed above seem like names that everybody is buying whereas the more expensive names have a more select group of buyers.

Today’s Domains

Portfolio of 89 Personal Blog Names (Like
Some examples are:,,, etc…
All of names were registered using data and are in the top 100 names given to boys and girls in the US born between 1970 & 2000 (so people currently 12-42 years old). All of the domains are at GoDaddy for Push and have been recently renewed so all have almost a full year on them already before need renewal again. Asking Price just a blanket $79 per domain, no cherry picking, and the data is included. Contact me for more details.

$999 Each

$499 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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