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Announcement: We now have a really great dedicated sales person that will sell your domains to end users. He will focus 100% of his energy on this special for you. Submit only your premium names to us for this service. For these sorts of premium/retail deals we are looking for 15% Commission and 15 days exclusivity. We are going to be picky about domains because he only has so many hours in the day to sell your names so they have to be ones we think will sell. When you submit names for this service please specify as such so we don’t think you are way overpricing names for the newsletter.

$1,999 Each – If you don’t have one yet now is a great time to start searching

$999 Each – I just think this domain is a great deal

$499 Each

$249 Each

$99 Each – There was a typo in this last time so I thought it fair to re-run it. There is certainly more than $99 in this business.

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