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Nice list today. is really good in my opinion. Read the description next to it.
$15k – Country House in German
$10k – Seller sold last month in a GoDaddy Premium Listing for $3,800. As of right now (check Gold is worth 55X that of silver. I like this domain. I might buy it if you don’t.
$5k – Easy, easy easy affiliate site to operate while you wait for an end user to buy it from you.
$4,500 – Another easy affiliate site to run while you wait
$1,499 Each – PR3

$999 Each – A small price to pay to keep you name clean

$499 Each – Alexa 2.8M, PR2 – Really expensive keyword. Really great domain for the category.

$249 Each – Great domain for landscaping service in DC – And for only $249

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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