Today’s Domains – Traffic, Revenue, Short Domains, Numbers…

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Big list today. Many good investments, some with traffic and revenue data. Also lots of short domains and number / For domains including traffic data below is based on last month unless otherwise specified.

$3,999 Each

$1,999 Each – Rev: +$70 over last 11 days from 10 clicks

$1,499 Each – Traffic: 50 unique visitors PER DAY!
$999 Each – Rev: $12 a month, Traffic: 72 visitors a month, PR2 – Rev: $12 a month, Traffic: 784 visitors a month – Population 25k – ZIP Code for Redding California, Population 92k

$499 Each – Rev: $11.72 a month – yes that is the number zero, so

$249 Each – Traffic: 150 visitors a month – Traffic: 209 visitors a month – Traffic: 327 visitors a month – This is a ZIP code in France, Mexico and a bunch of other places

$99 Each

Cheapest Registration Fee Domains

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