Today’s Domains – More Traffic and Revenue and a 2 Char dot com

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Today we have included more domains with traffic data, a 2 Character .com, and some other nice stuff. Due to a situation that arose on Friday I want to make sure you all understand that yes you are free to make any offer you would like on any of these domains but keep in mind that these prices are buy-it-now prices which the seller is bound to for 24 hours. If you offer less and the seller agrees to sell it to you at your offer price before someone agrees to the buy-it-now price then yes you win the domain, however if you make an offer it is up to the seller if they wish to wait for more offers before accepting or negotiating your offer. In that time if someone else comes and agrees to the buy-it-now price then they win the domain regardless of your pending offer. For more information on the rules check our website. (
$19,999 – Limited edition, 1 of only 936 Letter Number dot coms. Traffic is 300 visitors per month.
$8,499 – 100k Exact match monthly searches. Gets daily traffic. Monthly is 300 visitors.

$1,499 Each

$999 Each – PR2, Alexa 13.6M – 48 visitors last month, PR1, $8.70 rev.

$749 Each – Reduced Price, 784 visitors in Jan 2013! – great end user potential – $12 rev. last month – PR3, 72 vistors last month, past 7 days rev: $6.42 rev.

$499 Each – 90 visitors last month, $3.30 rev. – Alexa 738,863 – made +$7 past 7 days – There are litterally thousands of yoga studios that use this name. On Google there are 15k websites with “balance yoga” in the title. Push Only. Search intitle:”balance-yoga”

$249 Each – 140 Visitors a month – PR1 – Push Only – Push Only – PR3

$99 Each – 39 Visitors a month – 32 Visitors a month – 25 Visitors a month – 23 Visitors a month – 21 Visitors a month – Alexa 568,900 – 327 visitors last month – 200+ visitors/month – 100 visitors last month

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